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Wildlife Art for a New Century


On Friday, May 26, the National Museum of Wildlife Art will open "Wildlife Art for a New Century" a premier invitational exhibition featuring contemporary wildlife artists from the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, Sweden, Zimbabwe and Germany.

Organized by the NMWA, "Wildlife Art for a New Century" will showcase new work by 46 internationally acclaimed artists who have carved a space in the art world for wildlife art and who will lead the genre into the new millennium. The participating artists were chosen by a panel of wildlife art experts who identified contemporary wildlife artists that have brought the genre to its current prominence, and will sustain it through the new century.

The distinguished group of artists will create masterworks especially for this unique show, expressing their individual visions of the natural world. In addition, each will comment on the inspiration for his or her piece, as it relates to the exhibition theme.

A renowned senior member of the wildlife art genre, Robert Kuhn (b. 1920) will contribute "Clam Digger," a striking painting depicting a brown bear and a fox on a tidal flat. As with each piece in the exhibition, Kuhn's painting came from a unique inspiration. Kuhn states, "Through contacts with wildlife photographers, I supplement my store of reference-material. That is how I acquired several photos of an Alaskan brown bear digging for clams out on a tidal flat. The fox, I think, added a touch of humor and color to the tableau. I've seen a lot of brown bears on assorted rivers in Alaska, but never a clam digger. But individual bears do individual things, hence the "Clam Digger." (left: Robert Kuhn (b. 1920), Clam Digger)

Among the featured artists are Tony Angell, Robert Bateman, Ken Carlson, Ray Harris Ching, Nancy Glazier, Nancy Howe, Lars Jonsson, Jonathan Kenworthy, Robert Kuhn, Lanford Monroe, Sherry Salari-Sander, Manfred Schatz, Sandy Scott, David Shepherd and Kent Ullberg.

"Wildlife Art for a New Century" will be on exhibit through August 6, 2000.

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