Tucson Museum of Art

photo by John Hazeltine

Tucson, AZ




Tucson Photographers in the TMA Collection

March 5 - April 25, 1999

David E. Longwell, Outside In, 1989, Polaroid SX-70 competition, approx. 30 x 30 inches, collection of Tucson Museum of Art

Tucson is known for its involvement in photography and the photographers who live in and around the Old Pueblo. Approximately 20 of these artists whose work has been purchased by the Museum are featured. Tucson Photographers in the TMA Collections include, Dolores Rivas Bahti, David Burckhalter, Jose Galvez, Judith Golden, Sharon, Holnback, Joseph Labate, Cy Lehrer, William Lesch, M.L Licoln, David Longwell, Diane Mansfield Coligan, Frances Murray, Lance Patigan, Linda Rosenfield, John Schaeffer, Louise Serpa, Kenneth Shorr, Ann Simmons-Meyers, Robin Stoutenberg, and Amy Zuckerman.

Concurrently, an exhibition of works by long-time Tucsonan Fritz Kaeser will be shown in the Gallery 3. Kaeser was instrumental in the establishment of the Tucson Fine Arts Association, the presurser to the Tucson Museum of Art. This exhibition has been culled from these holdings to underscore the richness of this important artist's works.

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