Mobile Museum of Art

Mobile, AL



Water: A Contemporary American View

January 14 ­ March 5, 2000


This exhibit features 65 works of art consisting of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; etchings; and bronze and wood sculpture. All work is based on water as interpreted by 22 American artists. Organized in 1996 by the Gibbes Museum of Art (Charleston, SC), this exhibition explores the emotion its viewers can experience as they contemplate a seemingly basic compound. (left: Margaret Nielsen, Heart Pecker, oil on panel)

Water is divided into five categories. The first deals with water as itself, closely manipulating its surfaces and liquidity of using objects that are on the water. The second category incorporates the idea of water and land, water and sky, and the line in which water touches land and air. The third category explores water as a vehicle for metaphor and narrative, while the fourth examines it in form and symbol, explaining water in reconstructed and abstract forms. The final category illustrates the work of sculptors who have represented the liquid medium in solid substances. (right: Dale Chihuly, Ulysses Gold Seaform Set with Raven Lip Wraps, 1998, glass)

Artists included in the exhibition are John Alexander, Jennifer Bartlett, David Bates, Fanny Brennan, Deborah Brown, Dale Chihuly, Richard Estes, Janet Gillespie, April Gornik, Stephen Hancock, Wade Hoefer, Bryan Hunt, Mark Innerst, June Leaf, Michael Mazur, Andre Von Morisse, Margaret Nielsen, Anthony Pessler, Joseph Raffael, Robert Stackhouse, Jane Wilson, and Jack Zajac.

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