Clark Hulings (1922 - ): Master American Painter


Clark Hulings' tranquil compositions reflect the talent and experience of one of the nation's most respected painters. Hulings captures his subject with impeccable technique; his vibrant paintings glow with remarkable light, color and texture. (left: Adeline's Roses, 12 x 18 inches)

As a young child, Hulings lived in Spain. His experiences in that colorful country continue to influence his work, particularly his choice of subject matter. Hulings has traveled in Egypt, Morocco and Mexico as well as throughout Europe. His preference for painting the rustic and provincial scenes of everyday life is apparent in his beautiful interpretations of the open-air markets, farms and countrysides. Hulings spends several months a year traveling and painting, always finding beauty in the simple parts of people's lives.

left to right: The Blue Portugese Barn, 20 x 27 inches; Covered Market, Guanajuato, Mexico, 24 x 40 inches; From an Old French Postcard, 15 x 21 inches; Interior Market, Valencia, 24 x 36 inches; The Little Cherry Seller, 14 x 17 inches.

Hulings studied with Sigismund Ivanowski and with George Bridgmond at the Art Students League in New York. During this time he began painting delicate still lifes and found a steady demand for his portraiture. After a successful career in illustration, Hulings eventually settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In addition to receiving the coveted Prix de West from The National Academy of Western Art in Oklahoma City in 1973, Hulings has also received three silver and two gold medals from subsequent NAWA competitions. In 1976 he was given a one-person show at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and was presented with the Hall's Trustees' Gold Medal for his distinguished contribution to art in the U.S. He was represented in "Adventures West: Fifty Masterworks from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center," a traveling exhibition from its collection of important U.S. art.

In the early 1980's Hulings work brought record prices for a living artist at the Western Heritage Auction Sales in Houston, Texas. By 1986, with the publication of A Gallery of Paintings, a large retrospective of his work, Hulings reputation as a master painter was consolidated.

Hulings says about his art, "Painting what I actually see appeals to me more than reconstructing history. I like rustic bridges, buildings, markets, and dusty rural areas where fanners still use animals. My pleasure comes from seeing the beauty in the ordinary and creating beauty from what is not conventionally beautiful. Most people consider technique to be most important in a painting. For me, finding the right subject matter and recognizing when it is good comes first."

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