February, 2018 National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

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Amon Carter Museum

A New American Sculpture, 1914-1945: Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach

February 17 through May 13

3/15/18 See coverage at Sculpture:  20-21st Century



Baker Museum

Word Art: A Poetry of Shape - From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation

February 16 through July 22

3/15/18 researched



Castellani Art Museum

The Lure of Niagara Highlights from the Charles Rand Penney Historical Niagara Falls Print Collection

February 18 through September 9

3/15/18 See coverage at New York Art History



Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Albert Bierstadt's The Domes of the Yosemite

February 13 through July 8

3/15/18 See coverage at California Art History



Chazen Museum of Art

The Tile Club: Camaraderie and American Plein-Air Painting

February 23 through May 20

3/15/18 See coverage at Art Clubs and Societies and New York Art History and Online Exhibition Brochures, Catalogues, Gallery Guides and Related Materials



Columbia Museum of Art

Seen & Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham

February 2 through April 29

3/15/18 See coverage at American photographic technology innovations



Columbus Museum of Art - Ohio

William L. Hawkins: An Imaginative Geography

February 16 through May 20

3/15/18 researched



Contemporary Jewish Museum

Contraption: Rediscovering California Jewish Artists

February 22 through July 29

3/15/18 See coverage at California Art History


Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

Thomas Hart Benton and the Navy

February 16 through June 3

3/15/18 See coverage at Military Art, WWII



Figge Art Museum

Joseph Lappie: Personal Mythologies

February 24 through May 20

3/15/18 See coverage at Woodcut


Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Slavery, the Prison Industrial Complex: Photographs by Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick

February 23 through May 28

3/15/18 See coverage at American American social commentary photography



Getty (J. Paul) Museum

Paper Promises: Early American Photography

February 27 through May 27

3/15/18 See coverage at Historic surveys of American photography



Gilcrease Museum

Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera

February 17 through June 10

3/15/18 See coverage at Important historic American photographers



Greenville County Museum of Art

William H. Johnson: Full Circle

February 10 through May 6

3/15/18 See coverage at American Artists Abroad



Harwood Museum of the University of New Mexico

The Harwood Collection: Work by Women

February 9 through May 13

3/15/18 See coverage at New Mexico Art History



Heard Museum

Symmetry in Stone: The Jewelry of Richard I. Chavez

February 2 through September 30

3/15/18 See coverage at Jewelry Art



Hilliard Museum

Lynda Frese: Holy Memories & Earthly Delights

February 17 through May 1

3/15/18 See coverage at American photographic technology innovations



Hillstrom Museum of Art

Scharftopia: The Far-Out World of Kenny Scharf

February 19 through April 22

3/15/18 researched



Hudson River Museum

The Neo-Victorians: Contemporary Artists Revive Gilded Age Glamour 

February 10 through May 13

3/15/18 researched



Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

My Hero: Contemporary Art & Superhero Action

February 3 through May 13

3/15/18 researched



Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Still / Life: Patty Carroll

February 23 through May 20

3/15/18 researched



Long Island Museum

Perfect Harmony:The Musical Life and Art of William Sidney Mount

February 16 through September 3

3/15/18 See coverage at Music in American Art



Long Island Museum

Jane Peterson: At Home and Abroad

February 16 through April 2

3/15/18 researched



Metropolitan Museum of Art

American Painters in Italy: From Copley to Sargent

February 13 through June 17

3/15/18 See coverage at  American Artists Abroad



Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

New Works by Ron Mueck

February 16 through May 6

3/15/18 See coverage at Hyperrealism



Nevada Museum of Art

Hans Meyer-Kassel: Artist of Nevada

February 24 through September 2

2/6/18 see coverage at Nevada Art History



Palm Springs Art Museum

Journey Through The Desert - The Road Less Traveled

February 17 through July 29

3/15/18 See coverage at American Southwest photography



Peninsula Museum of Art

Robert Haemmerling: Transfigurations

February 18 through April 8

3/15/18 See coverage at  American Mixed Media Art



Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Frederic Church: A Painter's Pilgrimage

February 9 through May 13

3/15/18 researched


San Jose Museum of Art

Full Spectrum: Paintings by Raimonds Staprans

February 2 through May 20

3/15/18 researched


San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

Lori Wolf Grillias - Alternative Viewpoints

February 2 through April 1

3/15/18 researched


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Museum of Art

LIVESTRONG Savannah - Christopher Chiappa

February 1 through July

3/15/18 See coverage at Hyperrealism


Sarah Moody Gallery

Paintings by Robert Kushner

February 8 through March 23

3/15/18 See coverage at Botanical Artists


Seattle Art Museum

Figuring History: Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas

February 15 through May 13

3/15/18 See coverage at African-American Art



South Dakota Art Museum

Harvey Dunn: Cotton Candy Skies

February 2 through May 13

3/15/18 See coverage at South Dakota Art History



Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art

A Pennsylvania Artist Goes to War: Milton Herbert Bancroft in France, 1918-1919  

February 2 through April 7

3/15/18 researched



Southern Ohio Museum

James Mellick: Wounded Warrior Dogs and Faithful Companions

February 10 through April 14

3/15/18 researched



Taft Museum of Art

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection

February 17 through May 27

3/15/18 researched



University of Kentucky Art Museum

American Impressions

February 9 through July 22

3/15/18 researched



University Museum at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Memory and Magic: Folk Artists in Western Pennsylvania

February 3 through March 10

3/15/18 researched


Wellin Museum of Art, Hamilton College

Margarita Cabrera: Space in Between

February 10 through June 10

3/15/18 researched


Whatcom Museum of History and Art

Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America

February 3 through May 6

3/15/18 researched


Woodmere Art Museum

Charles Santore: Fifty Years of Art and Storytelling

February 17 through May 13

3/15/18 See coverage at Retrospective Exhibits



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