2005 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Figurative and Portrait Art: 20-21st Century"


In Review: What's in A Title, book review by Scott R. Ferris (12/1/05)

Masters of American Comics (11/21/05)

Henry Ossawa Tanner and the Lure of Paris (11/21/05)

Louis Bosa: A Keen Eye and a Kind Heart (10/26/05)

Milton Avery: Paintings from the Collection of the Neuberger Museum of Art, with essay by Barbara Haskell (10/26/05)

Cultural Reflections: Inuit Art from the Collection of the Dennos Museum Center (10/25/05)

The Reality Show (9/26/05)

Saint Makers: A Living Tradition in American Folk Art; with essay by Father Thomas J. Steele, S.J. (9/6/05)

Villa America: American Moderns, 1900­1950 (8/31/05)

Marsden Hartley: American Modern (8/30/05)

Warhol Legacy: Selections from The Andy Warhol Museum (8/22/05)

In Review: The Prints of Rockwell Kent: A Catalogue Raisonné, essay by Scott R. Ferris (8/18/05)

My America: Art from The Jewish Museum Collection, 1900-1955 (8/11/05)

The Paintings of Pieter J. L. van Veen; essay by Allan J. Kollar (8/10/05)

The Fred W. Noyes, Jr. Centennial; articles by A. M. Weaver and Judith M. Courter (8/10/05)

Lynn Trank Memorial Exhibition (8/6/05)

Norman Rubington (1921-1991) -- Full Circle: New York, Paris, Rome, London, New York; Introduction by Lisa Tremper Hanover (8/2/05)

Art in 2 Worlds: The Native American Fine Art Invitational (8/2/05)

Reginald Marsh, U.S. Custom House Murals: Reframed and Reseen; article by Lisa Leavitt (7/29/05)

The Eclectic Eye: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation (7/27/05)

Barbara and Peter Moore Fluxus Collection Acquired by Harvard University Art Museums (7/15/05)

Drawn from Nature: The Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly (6/23/05)

Heroic America: James Daugherty's Mural Drawings from the 1930s; essay by Rebecca E. Lawton (6/23/05)

The True Artist is an Amazing Luminous Fountain: Selected Works from the di Rosa Preserve: Art & Nature (6/22/05)

Villa America: American Moderns, 1900­1950 (5/17/05)

Roy Lichtenstein:  American Indian Encounters (6/14/05)

Abraham Walkowitz, Forgotten Pioneer of American Modernism: Selections from the Collection of Eugene DeGruson and the Collection of the Wichita Art Museum; article by Novelene Ross (5/24/05)

Oscar Bluemner: A Passion for Color (5/24/05)

The Art of the Stamp (5/24/05)

George Biddle, Raphael Soyer, and the Genius with a Thousand Faces; essay by Andrew Ladis (5/18/05)

Along the Way: MTA Arts for Transit, Celebrating 20 Years of Public Art (5/18/05)

Trompe l'Oeil: The Art of Illusion; article by Louis A. Zona and Gary T. Erbe  (5/16/05)

On the Paintings of Bert Carpenter; essay by Hilton Kramer (5/10/05)

Rock On! (5/10/05)

Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe( 4/22/05)

Pop!; article by Sean M. Ulmer and Carole McNamara (4/20/05)

Jacob Lawrence: In Focus; article by Sean M. Ulmer (4/20/05)

Seasons of Light - Eternal Moments by Richard Earl Thompson; essay by Susan Hallsten McGarry (4/5/05)

Richard Thompson: Seasons of Light and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Painting a Story (4/5/05)

Heroes, Villains, and Mermaids: the Fantastical World of Ronald Markman {4/4/05)

Rockwell Kent: The Mythic and the Modern (4/4/05)

Beautiful Resistance: Works on Paper from the Heard Museum Collection (3/29/05)

Byrdcliffe as a Utopian Community (3/25/05)

Surrealism USA (3/21/05)

The Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons (3/9/05)

A Tincture of Madness: Zelda Fitzgerald and Modernist Art; essay by Everl Adair (2/28/05)

Persistent Memories: African American Art From the University of Arizona Museum of Art Collection; article by Marcin Aleturowicz (2/28/05)

Ana Mendieta: Earth Body, Sculpture and Performance 1972 - 1985 (2/21/05)

With Friends: Six Magic Realists 1940-1965 (2/21/05)

Drawn from Nature: The Plant Lithographs of Ellsworth Kelly (2/3/05)

After Whiteness: Race in the Visual Arts (2/3/05)

A Continent without Borders: Africa's Influence on African American Artists; essay by Nnamdi Elleh (2/3/05)

Paintings by Irving Norman: The Measure of All Things; essay by Patricia Junker (1/31/05)

An American First: Walter Anderson's Blockprints (1/27/05)

Robert Henri and the 1915 San Diego Exposition; essay by Jean Stern (1/27/05)

Guild Hall: An Adventure in the Arts, Selections from the Permanent Collection (1/25/04)

Cotton Puffs, Q- tips®, Smoke and Mirrors: The Drawings of Ed Ruscha (1/20/05)

The Visual Literature of Bernarda Bryson-Shahn: Developing a Social Conscience (1/18/05)


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