2007-2008 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Figurative and Portrait Art: 20-21st Century"


An Innermost Journey: The Art of Shauna Cook Clinger (12/26/08)

The Pursuit of Form; essay by Peter Campion (11/6/08)

David Park's Works on Paper; essay by Lance Esplund (11/6/08)

Ann Gale's Interstitial Portraits; essay by Mark Van Proyen (11/6/08)

Andrew Stevovich: The Truth about Lola; essay by Bartholomew F. Bland (10/10/08)

Realist Paintings by Bryan LeBoeuf; essay by Jay Williams (6/19/08)

The Figure Revealed: Contemporary American Figurative Paintings and Drawings (5/29/08)

D.J. Hall Thirty-Five Year Retrospective (5/28/08)

Portraits of Women: Re-seeing the Collection (4/25/08)

In the Face of Change; essay by Jennifer Bailey Forbes (2/8/08)

Ann Gale (11/6/07)

Portrait, Identity, Culture: Across Time, Space and Meaning (10/22/07)

Signs of Intelligent Life; essay by Claudia Schmuckli (9/17/07)

Lincoln Perry: Paintings; text by Michael Culver (8/4/07)

Personal Jesus: The Religious Works of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol (5/30/07)

Marilyn Monroe: Life as a Legend (3/27/07)

The Artist Revealed: Artist Portraits and Self-Portraits (2/21/07)


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