2009 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Printmaking"


Kerr Eby and Efforts Against War; essay by Loramy Gerstbauer and Donald Myers (12/15/09)

Behold the Day: The Color Block Prints of Frances Gearhart; essay by Susan Futterman (11/18/09)

The Color Explosion: Nineteenth-Century American Lithography from the Jay T. Last Collection (11/6/09)

Imprinting the South: Works on Paper from the Collection of Lynn Barstis Williams and Stephen J. Goldfarb (10/21/09)

Signs of the Times: Robert Rauschenberg's America (10/17/09)

The Golden Age of American Printmaking 1900 - 1950; essay by Olga M. Viso (8/7/09)

American Women at Work: Women Printmakers and the Federal Art Project; essay by Mary Francey (7/9/09)

Fantasies and Fairy-Tales: Maxfield Parrish and the Art of the Print (6/2/09)

Color Woodblock Prints at Michele and Donald D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, Massachusetts (2/13/09)

Confronting History: Contemporary Artists Envision the Past (2/11/09)

Andy Warhol Silkscreens (2/4/09)


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