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This section of the Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogue Topics in American Art is devoted to the topic "American Military and Wartime Art." Clicking on titles takes readers directly to the articles and essays. The date at the end of each title is the date of publication in Resource Library.


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Terrain of Freedom: American Art and the Civil War (9/20/99)

The Irvine Museum Receives Gift of Arthur Beaumont Paintings (2/25/99)

"A Splendid Little War" The Spanish-American War, 1898: The Artists' Perspective (2/25/99)

George Bellows: The War Series (1/16/99)

George Washington: American Symbol (12/4/98)

The Civil War Naval Scenes of Xanthus Smith (9/98)

Culture y Cultura: How the U.S.-Mexican War Shaped the West (5/25/98)


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