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This section of the Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogue Topics in American Art is devoted to the topic "American Folk Art, American Outsider Art and American Self-Taught Art." Clicking on titles takes readers directly to the articles and essays. The date at the end of each title is the date of publication in Resource Library.


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands (8/2/10)

Life Lines: The Drawings of Charles Steffen (727/10)

Vernacular Visions: Folk Art of Old Newbury; article by John Hardy Wright (12/15/09)

Deep Sea: Drawings by William O. Golding (12/10/09)

Nina Fletcher Little: Bridging the Worlds of Antiques and Folk Art; article by Ruth Wolfe (11/5/09)

Earl Cunningham's America (7/17/09)

American Vernacular: Folk Art from the Collection; essay by James Steward (5/4/09)

Culprits, Innocents and Outsiders: Heartland Visions (5/4/09)

The Picture Tells the Story: The Drawings of Joseph E. Yoakum; essay by Mark Pascale (4/4/09)

James Castle: A Retrospective (12/16/08)

Earl Cunningham's America (9/20/08)

The Cosmic Visions of Ed Nelson; essay by Peter Hastings Falk (3/8/08)

The Needle's Song: The Folk Art of Ethel Wright Mohamed; with text by Jill R. Chancey (6/4/07)

The Truth in Black and White; By Charles Russell (2/5/07)

Homegrown and Handmade II: The Natural World - Selected Works from the Huffman Collection of Southern Contemporary Folk and Outsider Art; essay by Charlotte V. Brown (9/7/06)

Take Me to the River (8/26/06)

'Visiting Mr. Dawson' A portrait of the artist-through the eyes of those who knew him well; article by John Cain (8/4/06)


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