2002-2004 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "American Impressionism and American Impressionist Artists"



Allan Freelon: Pioneer African-American Impressionist (9/2/04)

Sunlight and Shadow: American Impressionist Paintings (5/10/04)

American Impressions: An Arcadian Vision, Paintings from the Akron Art Museum; essay by Kathryn A. Wat (4/5/04)

Childe Hassam and Connecticut Impressionism (1/23/04)

Earth, River, and Light: Masterworks of Pennsylvania Impressionism (1/21/04)

American Impressions, 1865-1935: Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Collection (1/2/04)

Childe Hassam, American Impressionist (1/2/04)

Landscape of Light: Impressionism in California; essay by Jean Stern, from the catalogue "Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1950" (12/26/03)

Impressionist Style in Perspective; essay by Jean Stern, from the catalogue "California Impressionists" (11/4/03)

Impressionism in California, 1890-1930; essay by Jean Stern (7/30/03)

In and Out of California: Travels of American Impressionists; essay by Deborah Epstein Solon (1/2/03)

In and Out of California: Travels of American Impressionists (11/21/02)

Impressionist Jewels: The Paintings of Martha Walter, article by W Douglass Paschall (11/12/02)

Albert Henry Krehbiel (1873-1945): American Impressionist, Muralist and Art Educator; article by Donald T. Ryan, Jr (5/25/02)

American Impressionism: Paintings of Promise; essay by David R. Brigham (5/16/02)


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