2010-2012 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "American Impressionism and American Impressionist Artists"



The Art of First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson: American Impressionist (8/7/12)

Texas Impressionism: Branding with Brushstroke and Color, 1885-1935; essay by Michael Grauer (5/31/12)

The Making of an Artist: Mildred G. Burrage's Early Years; essay by Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. (5/14/12)

J.T. Harwood: The Ione Years (1927-1940) (3/29/12)

A Native Son: Paintings by West Fraser; essay by Courtney McNeil (3/7/12)

Gardens and Grandeur: Porcelains and Paintings by Franz A. Bischoff (7/9/11)

Transcending Vision: American Impressionism, 1870-1940 (6/6/11)

A Kansas Treasure in Context: Mary Cassatt (5/20/11)

From Paris to North America: American Impressionism Masterworks (4/20/11)

Helen M. Turner: The Woman's Point of View (11/18/10)

An Enduring Legacy: American Impressionist Landscapes from the Thomas Clark Collection (2/4/10)


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