2002 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "20th-21st Century American Sculpture"


Fantastical Topographies: Sculpture by Ulrike Palmbach and Genevieve Quick; article by Michelle Rowe-Shields (12/18/02)

Elie Nadelman: Sculptor of Modern Life (10/8/02)

H.C. Westermann (1922-1981)

Oldenburg and van Bruggen on the Roof (6/6/02)

Tom Otterness: Sculpture (4/30/02)

Mary Frank, born 1933, Striding Woman, 1986; essay by Hollister Sturges (2/22/02)

Jack Dowd Looks at Diversity and Individualism (2/13/02)

Bernard Langlais -- The New York Years: 1956-1966; essay by Aprile Gallant (1/28/02)

Bernard Langlais: Independent Spirit (1/24/02)


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