2004 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "20th-21st Century American Sculpture"


Duane Hanson: Portraits (12/22/04)

Northwest Perspective Series - Scott Fife, Sculptor (12/6/04)

Ana Mendieta: Earth Body, Sculpture and Performance 1972-1985 (10/20/04)

Tim Hawkinson (10/1/04)

Isamu Noguchi: Master Sculptor (10/1/04)

A Glass Triumvirate: The Art of William Morris, Henry L. Hillman Jr. and Howard Ben Tré (9/13/04)

Hal Frater: A Retrospective (7/1/04)

Art Now: Sculpture of Joel Shapiro (8/27/04)

Marionettes as Sculpture: The Art of Pablo Cano (7/16/04)

Creations in Clay: Contemporary New England Ceramics (6/14/04)

Duane Hanson: Portraits from the Heartland (5/12/04)

Glass by Debora and Benjamin Moore; text by James Houghton (3/11/04)

The Art of Gold (2/24/04)

Ginny Ruffner Unlimited; essay by Vicki Halper (2/4/04)

The Cutting Edge: Life Size Cut-Outs From the Old Masters (2/4/04)

Souls in Stone: Works in Alabaster and Marble by Matthew Stevens-Foster (1/7/04)


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