2006-2007 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "20th-21st Century American Sculpture"


George Carlson: Heart of the West (1/18/07)

Street Sense: Celebrating 20 Years of The Heidelberg Project (1/16/08)

Ron Mueck at The Andy Warhol (12/4/07)

Gaston Lachaise: The Monumental Sculpture ; exhibition description by Anne Barclay Morgan (11/24/07)

Martin Puryear (11/6/07)

David Hostetler, Wood and Bronze Sculpture (11/1/07)

Ron Mueck (6/30/07)

Dreaming of a Speech Without Words: the Paintings and Early Objects of H.C. Westermann (6/23/07)

The Art of the Brick (6/6/07)

Material Terrain: A Sculptural Exploration of Landscape and Place (6/5/07)

The Sculpture of Louise Nevelson: Constructing a Legend (4/11/07)

Duane Hanson: Real Life (8/24/06)

Elusive Signs: Bruce Nauman Works with Light (8/23/06)

Carved Bird Collection by Joseph Zupsich (8/10/06)

'Visiting Mr. Dawson' A portrait of the artist-through the eyes of those who knew him well; article by John Cain (8/4/06)

Deborah Butterfield (6/8/06)

The Life and Work of Avard Tennyson Fairbanks, Sculptor; biography by Eugene Fairbanks (6/2/06)

Louise Nevelson - The Farnsworth Collection; article by Suzette Lane McAvoy (4/24/06)

The Search for Geissbuhler at Cape Cod Museum of Art (4/24/06)

Kirk Newman: The Next Step (2/27/06)

Paul Stankard: A Floating World / Paper Cuts: The Art of Contemporary Paper (2/1/06)

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