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A. Piatt Andrew Bridge Doors was an exhibit held April 18, 2015 - Nov. 1, 2015 at the Cape Ann Museum. CAM says: "...Two of four bronze doors from the granite faced pylons on top of the A. Piatt Andrew Bridge... [were] designed by sculptor John F. Paramino (1889-1956)....[who] was born in Boston in 1889 to immigrant parents and studied modeling at the North Bennet Street School. He continued his studies under Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Bela Pratt and by 1916 had his own studio in Boston. Examples of Paramino's public sculptures are scattered across Boston and include The Founders Memorial (1930) and the World War II Memorial in the Fenway (1947-1948)." Includes press coverage. Accessed August, 2016.

Fabricating Whimsy: Musings of Martha McKinley Murphy is an exhibit held June 17, 2016 - October 15, 2016 at Southern Allengenies Museum of Art. A Jun 24, 2016 article titled "Friend's gag gift helps artist find her true calling" by Kelly Urban of the Tribune Democrat says "Murphy said she originally was a watercolorist, but after a friend gave her an oxy-acetylene torch set as a joke, she found her true calling. 'What he did not realize was he would jump-start my career as a metal sculpture and my love of metal has never ended,' she said...." Also, a Indiana University of Pennsylvania webpage contains an artist bio and statement for the metalsmith. Accessed August, 2016.

George Stanley- California's Gold (13013) is a 29-minute episode from Huell Howser's California's Gold television series.from May, 2011. It is presented online without charge by the Chapman University Huell Howser Archive. The Archive page containing the episode says: "Huell goes in search of the history of one of the most iconic symbols in the world: the Oscar. The gleaming gold statuette that is handed out each year at the Academy Awards has become the pinnacle of Hollywood success. The sculptor George Stanley was handed a napkin with a rough drawing and given the job of creating the "Oscar". Another iconic Stanley statue is the "Muse", which graces the entrance of the world famous Hollywood Bowl. Huell pays tribute to this artist whose work is such an important part of our state's history." Accessed January, 2015.

Lucy Congdon Hanson: Serve is a 2017 exhibit at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art. The artist says: "Serve is a 14-foot hand-fabricated stainless steel fork. This sculpture takes the ideas surrounding the spoons and brings them to the forefront of my consciousness. Serve represents the silent, but giant, role of women in households over generations - lovingly nurturing their families. Serve is about power, but the protective kind." - To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website.  Accessed 12/17

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