April, 2017 National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

American Representational Art Exhibitions Hosted by Art Museums and Other Non-Profit Organizations


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Academy Art Museum
Todd Forsgren: Birdwatcher and Ecologist
April 22 through May 30
5/16/17 see coverage at American animal photography
American University Museum
Elzbieta Sikorska: Time Stands Still
April 1 through May 28
5/16/17 see coverage at Drawings in American Art
Boston Athenæum
New England on Paper: Contemporary Art in the Boston Athenæum's Prints & Photographs Collection
April 6 through September 3
5/16/17 see coverage at Representational Art (other): 20-21st Century - American Art Collections
Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University
Botanical Lore, Legend and Transformation: Works by Jon Hook and Andrea Peterson
April 11 through May 14
5/16/17 researched
The Art of Ernst Schwidder
April 11 through May 14
5/16/17 researched
Burchfield - Penney Art Center
WHAT IT MEANT TO BE MODERN, 1910-1965, American Works on Paper from the Karen and Kevin Kennedy Collection
April 14 through June 23
5/16/17 researched
Butler Institute of American Art
Morton Kaish-Spring Rising: Landscape Paintings & Prints
April 2 through July 9
5/16/17 researched
Canton Museum of Art
AVATARS: Relics from the Future
April 29 through July 23
5/16/17 researched
Carnegie Museum of Art
Michael Williams
April 21 through August 27
5/16/17 see coverage at Representational Art (other): 20-21st Century - American Mixed Media Art
Center for Contemporary Printmaking
April 9 through May 19
5/16/17 researched
Claremont Museum of Art 
Tree Speak: Interpretation of the Rustlings
April 1 through July 23
5/16/17 see coverage at California Art History
de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University
Unique and Multiple: Selections from Smith Andersen Editions, the Legacy of Paula Z. Kirkeb
April 7 through June 17
5/16/17 researched
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco / de Young Museum
The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll
April 8 through August 20
5/16/17 see coverage at Psychedelic Art
Edwin A. Urich Museum of Art
Robert Pruitt: Benediction
April 8 through August 6
5/16/17 see coverage at Drawings in American Art
Patrick Duegaw: Pierced By Dogma
April 22 through August 6
5/16/17 researched
Fenimore Art Museum
50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons
Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition
April 1 through May 14
5/16/17 researched
Foundry Gallery
All That Jazz
April 6 through April 30
5/16/17 researched
Gilcrease Museum
The Power of Posters: Mobilizing the Home Front to Win The Great War
April 7 through July 9
5/16/17 see coverage at Military Art, WWI
Black Bodies in Propaganda: The Art of the War Poster
April 7 through July 16
5/16/17 see coverage at Military Art, Other
Grace Museum
Horizonscapes: Katie Maratta
April 25 through August 12
5/16/17 researched
Griffin Museum of Photography
Voice of the Woods - Koichiro Kurita
April 6 through May 28
5/16/17 see coverage at American photographic technology innovations
Quarries of New England - Steven Keirstead
April 6 through May 28
5/16/17 see coverage at American Northeast photography
Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University
David George Andersen: Word Play
April 15 through May 28
5/19/17 see coverage at Assemblage Art
Heard Museum
Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain
April 22 through July 9
5/19/17 see coverage at Native American Art
High Museum of Art
Painter and Poet: The Wonderful World of Ashley Bryan
April 1 through January 21
5/19/17 see coverage at Children's Illustrated Literature
Honolulu Museum of Art
Camouflage Rhythms: Artwork by Juliette May Fraser
April 6 through September 17
5/19/17 see coverage at Military Art, WWII
Huntsville Museum of Art
Our Living Past: A Platinum Portrait of Music Maker
April 23 through July 2
5/19/17 see coverage at American Southern and Southeast photography
Encounters: Beth Edwards
April 9 through July 16
5/19/17 researched
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Nari Ward: Sun Splashed
April 28 through September 4
5/19/17 see coverage at Assemblage Art
Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art
Betwixt-and-Between: Henry Darger's Vivian Girls
April 12 through September 4
5/19/17 see coverage at  Fabulism and Fantasy
Lauren Rogers Museum of Art
From New Orleans to Mexico and Back: Modernist Paintings by Olive Leonhardt
April 23 through August 27
5/19/17 see coverage at Louisiana Art History
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
Technique and Vision: A Snapshot of Photography's Evolution
April 15 through June 1
5/19/17 see coverage at American photographic technology innovations
Museum of the City of New York
A City Seen: Todd Webb's Postwar New York, 1945-1960
April 20 through September 4
5/19/17 see coverage at New York Art History
Posters and Patriotism: Selling World War I in New York
April 5 through October 9
5/19/17 see coverage at Military Art, WWII
Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art
Labor and Landscape: 100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe
April 21 through June 10
5/19/17 see coverage at Pennsylvania Art History
Telfair Museums
Kahlil Gibran and the Feminine Divine
April 21 through January 2
5/19/17 see coverage at Religion in American Art
Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
Natural Selections: The Paintings of Christine Neill
April 15 through June 24
5/19/17 researched

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