1998-2000 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Landscape Painting: 19-20th Century"


American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center and Gardens (12/19/00)

After Lewis and Clark: Explorer Artists in the American West (12/8/00)

Landscapes From The Permanent Collection of the Pensacola Museum of Art (11/21/00)

Landscapes From the Permanent Collection: Part II (10/20/00)

Treasures from The Connecticut Impressionist Art Trail: Connecticut's Millennium Legacy Trail (10/3/00)

Changing Visions of the North American Landscape (9/22/00)

Paradise Found: California Impressionism (8/29/00)

American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center & Arboretum (8/28/00)

Plein Air Paintings of The Old Mill by Members of the California Art Club (8/26/00)

The Urban Landscape: Selections from the Permanent Collection (8/1/00)

The Virginia Landscape (7/20/00)

Visions of the Frontier: American Landscapes from the Collection of Ted Turner (7/19/00)

American Landscapes from the MMA Permanent Collection (6/28/00)

Connecticut Impressionists (5/31/00)

Sunlight & Shadow: American Impressionism, 1885-1945 (5/8/00)

American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center and Arboretum (3/31/00)

American Impressionism from the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery (3/10/00)

Shifting Ground: Transformed Views of the American Landscape (2/28/00)

Drawing from Nature: Early Northern California Landscapes (12/8/99)

Landscape at the Millennium (11/10/99)

Subdued Hues: Mood and Scene in Southern Landscape Painting, 1865-1925 (11/6/99)

Monadnock (10/29/99)

Impressionists at PAFA: From Beaux to Benson (10/18/99)

Intimate Vistas: The Poetic Landscapes of William Langson Lathrop (10/13/99)

The Cycle of the Seasons: Autumn and Winter Scenes at Heckscher Museum of Art (10/7/99)

American Tonalism: Selections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Montclair Art Museum (9/11/99)

Frederick J. Mulhaupt (1871-1938): Dean of the Cape Ann School (8/17/99)

Robert Berlind: Paintings (1892 - 1996) (7/21/98)

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