2004 - 2005 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Landscape Painting: 20-21st Century"


Embracing Tradition: Ink Landscapes by Arnold Chang, with an interview of the artist led by Nancy Tingley (10/31/05)

Course of Empire: Paintings by Ed Ruscha (9/8/05)

Fragile Florida: Watercolor Paintings by Taylor Ikin (7/11/05)

Walter Emerson Baum, Pennsylvania Artist, 1884-1956; essay by Martha Hutson-Saxton (3/9/05)

New Visions: Julie Bozzi - Contemporary Landscapes, by Amy V. Grimm (3/8/05)

Thomas Paquette: Traversed Lands; essay by John D. O'Hern (12/6/04)

Framing a Vision: Landscapes by Linda Fantuzzo and Manning Williams; with essays by Elizabeth A. Fleming and Angela D. Mack (10/25/04)

Allentown Impressions: Views of City Parks (10/22/04)

The Paintings of Charles Burchfield; essay by Nannette V. Maciejunes and Michael D. Hall (9/14/04)

Panorama of the American Landscape by William Dunlap (8/12/04)

Leonard Lopp: Glacier Park Artist (7/15/04)

Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place (7/14/04)

Wayne Thiebaud: City/Country (6/11/04)

American Seascapes: Artists at the Shore (5/27/04)

Oscar Bluemner: Visions of the Modern Landscape; essay by Debra Force (5/12/04)

Jacob Kass: Painted Saws (5/3/04)

Magnetic North: The Landscapes of Tom Uttech (4/29/04)

Edward W. Redfield: Just Values and Fine Seeing (4/22/04)

Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico: A Sense of Place (4/15/04)

Oscar Bluemner: A Daughter's Legacy (4/9/04)

A Sense of Place: Location Studies by Joseph McGurl (3/9/04)

The Art of Healing: The Wishard Art Collection (2/24/04)

Ideal City: Exhibition by Adam Cvijanovic (2/2/04)


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