2006 - 2010 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Landscape Painting: 20-21st Century"


Painting Utah's Mount Olympus (9/21/10)

Alex Dzigurski (1911-1995) Poet of the Land and Sea (6/25/10)

Ed Mell - Paintings of the New West (6/12/10)

Tula Telfair: Landscapes in Counterpoint (3/24/10)

Winds of Inspiration, Winds of Change; essay by Donald Myers (12/15/09)

Southern Landscapes by Lamar Dodd and Will Henry Stevens (9/23/09)

An Independent Spirit: The Art and Life of R.A.D. Miller (6/4/09)

Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade (6/2/09)

George L. K. Morris: Arizona Alter; article by Ellen Simak (4/24/09)

Sidney Hurwitz's Meditations on the Industrial Age; essay by Patricia Hills (3/12/09)

Emile A. Gruppé, 1876 - 1978   (11/20/08)

Merrill Mahaffey: Interior Landscapes of the West, a Fifty-Year Retrospective (5/29/08)

Future Tense: Reshaping the Landscape (5/28/08)

Herbert Pullinger: A Cape May Historical Journey (1/26/08)

Jeff Weaver: Gloucester Paintings and Drawings (12/17/07)

Overviews and Afterlands: Landscapes by Jim Nawara (11/1/07)

Richard Diebenkorn in New Mexico (5/25/07)

Terra Incognita: Contemporary Landscape Painting (5/25/07)

Everett Ruess and the Search for Beauty (10/31/06)

Daniel Garber: Romantic Realist (10/26/06)

Wolf Kahn: Landscape of Light, 1953-2006; essay by Mara Williams (10/24/06)

The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950 (10/20/06)

Bierstadt to O´Keeffe: Highlights from the Stark Museum of Art (10/20/06)

The Life of Pierre Daura, essay by William M. S. Rasmussen (9/29/06)

Pierre Daura's Vision of Virginia (9/28/06)

Remembering Ilze Siltumens-Holzer (9/6/06)

Form Radiating Life: The Paintings of Charles Rosen (9/6/05)

Harold Gregor's Illinois (8/30/06)

Order and Experience in Harold Gregor's Illinois; essay by Kevin Sharp (8/30/06)

Rick Fleury: Coastal Views (5/18/06)

Poetry in Design: The Art of Harry Leith-Ross (4/25/06)


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