2011 - 2016 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Landscape Painting: 20-21st Century"


Horace Day in South Carolina, essay By Tal Day (5/24/16)

Beauty on the Cutting Edge: The Paintings of Fred Danziger; essay by V. Scott Dimond (4/1/16)

Big Skies/Hidden Stories: Ellen Wagener Pastels (3/4/16)

Erin Hanson's Painted Parks (1/13/16)

An Eye for Beauty: Carl Wm. Peterson (1919-2009); text by Cori Sherman North (12/1/15)

From Chanute to Phoenix, Paintings by Ralph Goltry (1884-1971); essay by Cori Sherman North (8/8/15)

Reflections: Artwork by Kevin Kutz (7/8/15)

Touching On Water: Paintings by Thomas Paquette (2/4/15)

Dialogue with Beauty - Scotty Mitchell Landscapes: text by Alan Petersen (12/20/14)

Dialogue with Beauty - Scotty Mitchell Landscapes (12/18/14)

Environmental Impact: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation (8/21/14)

Doesn't it ever rain in Alabama?": The Prints of Mary Wallace Kirk, essay by Stephen Goldfarb (8/16/14)

"Neil Welliver." In See It Loud: Seven Post-War American Painters; essay by Bruce Weber (12/13/13)

Between Heaven and Earth: Inspirations / Between Heaven and Earth: Installation (12/6/13)

The Color of San Clemente (10/24/13)

Travels with Alden; essay by Mickey Myers (5/29/13)

Tony Foster - Sacred Places, Watercolour Diaries from the American Southwest (4/11/13)

WEATHERBOUND: The Art of Jay Hall Connaway In Our Time; essay by Ruth Greene-McNally (3/7/13)

Determined to Paint: The Art of George W. Hallock; essay by Geoffrey K. Fleming (1/19/13)

Nelson H. White: Scenic Spirit (8/13/12)

Painted Poetry: The Art of Mary Page Evans (4/21/12)

Tornadoes (4/21/12)

Full Measure - The Artistic Legacy of Bruce Aiken (6/6/11)

Philip Juras: The Southern Frontier Landscapes Inspired by Bartram's Travels (6/3/11)

A Decade of Paintings 2000-2010: Selected Works by Michael M. Strueber; essay by V. Scott Dimond (3/10/11)

Rackstraw Downes: Onsite Paintings, 1972-2008 (1/14/11)


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