The Light in Nature and Time: Paintings by Fred Danziger

April 22 - June 11, 2016


Images for the exhibition, set one


(above: Fred Danziger, Bamboo and Snow, 2007, Oil on canvas, 38 x 48 inches. Collection of Teresa and Peter Friedmann)


(above: Fred Danziger, Blue Sky in Water, 2009, Oil on canvas, 32 x 40 inches. Courtesy of James Gallery)


(above: Fred Danziger, Brandywine October, 1991, Acrylic, 52 x 72 inches. Collection of Pat and David Schaeffer)


(above: Fred Danziger, The Impossible Painting, 1984, Acrylic, 68 x 58 inches. Collection of Domenico and Esther Falcone)


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