Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Tafoya, Margaret Maria (1904, Santa Clara Pueblo NM-2001, Santa Clara Pueblo NM) Famous for black-on-black and red-on-red pottery; in 1937, went to Hopi Land to visit her Tewa Clan sister and well-known potter, Nampeyo of Hano. Margaret's Tewa name was Corn Blossom. AAB, KRA
Tanning, Dorothea Margaret (1910, Galesburg IL-2012, NYC) Surrealist painter; with future artist-husband Max Ernst was in Sedona in 1943, and lived there as a married couple from 1946 to 1953. Of the atmospheric light, she wrote: "It came inside to sit on my eyes." TRE
Tew, Marguerite Rose (1885, Magdalena NM-1975, Lynwood CA) New Mexico born, and schooled in New York, Pennsylvania and Europe, became staff artist 1921 to 1924 for Southwest Museum of Los Angeles; Of Zuni and Navajo subjects, created scale-model museum dioramas. KOV
Thomas, Marjorie Helen Holmes (1855, Newton Center MA-1978, Mesa AZ) Painter and sculptor, for brother's health, moved from Boston to Paradise Valley, Arizona in 1909 and homesteaded 320 acres; had entries in 1917, 1920, 1925 and 1927 Arizona State Fairs and exhibitions of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, AAB, ASF
Thomas, Mrs. Roy E. (1897- AZ) Exhibited landscape paintings and sketches in 'Arizona Artists' category of 1916 and 1917 Arizona State Fairs. From Phoenix, she had maiden name of Lucille Hunter. ANC, ASF
Thomas, Myra Laura (1882, Greeley CO-1963, Greeley CO) Western subject artist, especially of ranch life in Colorado, was in northern Arizona and southern Utah in 1926; among her exhibited paintings was The Painted Desert. KOV
Thornber, Miriam Harris (1872, Rhode Island-1947, Tucson AZ) Desert landscape painter and instructor at University of Arizona, Tucson, from 1928 to 1933; was married to John J. Thornber, University botanist; had entries in 1934 and 1935 exhibitions of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" at the Museum of Northern Arizona. AAAC, ANC
Titcomb, Mary Bradish (1858, Windham NH-1927, Marblehead MA) Public school teacher and 'credentialed' portrait and impressionist landscape artist from Boston, regularly visited the West including Arizona beginning 1898. AAB
Titus, Lila (Lela) J. (1889, San Diego, CA-1984, San Diego CA) Real estate sales professional in San Diego, was leisure time painter. In 1929 Arizona State Fair, she had 'Oil Painting' category entry of El Capitan. ASF, HUG
Tobey, Lillian West (1879, Chicago IL-1926, Salt Lake City UT) Known for painting and crafts, with husband-artist Maynard Dixon honeymooned in 1905 for several weeks at Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado where observed nine-day Navajo ceremony; in 1914 and 1915, lived six months in Arizona, visiting Tempe, Globe, Fort Apache, San Carlos Indian Reservation, and Hubbell Trading Post. HAG
Tobin, Mrs. A.G. (Early 20th, AZ) A painter, exhibited Call to Vespers in 'Secondary Gallery' of 1927 Arizona State Fair. ASF

Tomosie, Laura Chapella (1908, Tewa, AZ-1981, AZ) Active potter 1930 to 1968; sister of Grace Chapella; member of Tewa Bear Clan and married to Timothy Tomosie of Navajo Reservation; known for Thunderbird, honeybees and cloud designs. Pottery is in Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff. ANC, SCH
Traphagen, Ethel Leigh (1882, NYC-1963, NYC) From New York City where she and artist-husband William R. Leigh owned Traphagen School of Design, painted with him at Canyon de Chelly in 1937. FAL, HAG
True, Virginia (1900, St. Louis MO-1989, Gillett PA) Living in Colorado in late 1920s into 1940s, got "pretty thoroughly acquainted" with Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming. In 1947 in Ithaca, New York, became Chair of University Home Economics Department. AAB, KOV
Truesdell, Edith Park (1888, Derby CT-1986, Carmel CA) Desert painter, teacher and poet, in 1922 began spending time on Arizona reservations with husband, John Truesdell, Department of Indian Affairs lawyer; exhibited oil paintings in 1927 and 1928 Arizona State Fairs. AAB, ASF
Twitty, Zoraida Stoddard (1911, Eastland TX-2005, Glendale AZ) Graduated in 1929 in Arizona from Glendale High School, and from Arizona State University. After art study in Europe, Alaska, and England, became career elementary school teacher in Glendale; often traveled to Indian Reservations for both teaching and desert scene painting. AAB
Unsworth, Edna Anastasia Ganzhorn (1890, Baltimore MD-1972, Santa Rosa, CA) From eastern U.S. she studied at Maryland Institute, Pennsylvania Academy and with Cecilia Beaux. Married artist Robert Unsworth, and moved in 1918 to California, living in San Francisco and Long Beach; listed in 1929 Arizona State Fair exhibition catalogue for entry of painting titled Yaye. ANC, ASF, HUG
Upjohn, Anna Milo (1868, Dover NY-1951, New Milford CT) World wide traveler including as World War I American Red Cross illustrator; first Arizona visit was 1922 when sketched on Navajo, Hopi, Apache, Pima, and Yuma Reservations. Painting titles included Maricopa Boy Filling School Firewood Box and Papago Reservation. KOV
Van Pappelendam, Laura Peternellie (1883, Donnelson IA-1974, Norwalk CA) Fifty years, 1909-1959, as professor at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, was also impressionist landscape painter; between 1920 and 1927, visited Arizona where especially focused on landscape scenes of Florence. Lived in Tucson from 1962 to 1966. AAB, DAW
Ventres, Margaret Paxson (1906, Cranford NJ-1963, Elizabeth NJ) Little known about her except exhibited painting, A Mountain, Tucson, Ariz. at 1939 New York World's Fair; lived in Tucson between 1939 and 1948. Signed work M.P. Ventres. HUG, SAM
Vysekal, Luvena Buchanan (See Buchanan, Luvena Vysekal)

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