Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Rau, Lucretia M. (1880, CA-1963, Phoenix AZ) Listed in Arizona Artists category of 1927, 1928 and 1929 State Fair exhibitors and submitted oil portrait of unidentified woman, floral still life, and landscapes of Superstition Mountain and Yosemite. Living with husband, John Rau, in Maricopa and later Wilson, Arizona. ANC, ASF
Rau, Mrs. J (1880, CA-1963, Phoenix, AZ) See Rau, Lucretia M
Rau, Stella Wealthy Ann (1915, Phoenix AZ-2013) from Phoenix and attended Phoenix Union High School; daughter of Lucretia Rau; submitted entries in 1933 and 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibit at Museum of Northern Arizona. Included were wall hanging and Masque of Katherine Hepburn-Little Minister. ANC, AAAC
Raymond, Julie E. (1859, Brooklyn NY-1955, Santa Ana CA) Widely traveled California teacher and painter, entered watercolor scenes of Mexico and California in 1925, 1928 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs. ASF, HUG, KOV
Redbird, Ida (1892, Laveen AZ-1971, Sacaton AZ) Lived on Gila River Reservation and led 1930s Maricopa Pottery Revival Movement; fought for adequate payment for tribal wares; elected to Arizona Women's Hall of Fame. AZL, HAY
Redd, Lura (1891, New Harmony UT-1991, Bountiful UT) Painter and art instructor, traveled in 1920s from Utah to Arizona with her teacher, Mabel Frazer, did paintings of Grand Canyon. DAW, KOV
Reed, Fay R. (1890, IL-1980, Phoenix AZ) Married to Fred H. Reed and living in Phoenix, Chandler, and Tucson, was interior decorator; exhibited floral paintings in 1927 State Fair. ANC, ASF
Reed, Marjorie Jane (1915, Springfield AZ-1996, Vallecito CA) Wrote: "in the early 40s, I had lived for a few years at the Grand Canyon" knowing from that experience that "God painted all the paintings"; recorded Butterfield Stage scenes including San Francisco Peaks. AAB, FEC
Reed, Minnie (See Cowden, Minnie Reed)
Reese, Florence Hornberger (1913, Phoenix AZ-2004, Glendale AZ) Long time resident of Phoenix and wife of G. Melvin Reese, exhibited ?oil paintings, Indian Boy of Santa Domingo and A Bit of Old Zuni in 'Arizona Artists' section of 1927 and 1928 State Fairs. ANC, ASF
Reinhold, Ruth (1902, Boston MA 1985-Phoenix AZ) In Arizona Women's Hall of Fame, trained in fine arts in Boston and California; moved to Arizona in 1933 where became pioneering female barnstorming and bomber pilot and personal pilot of Senator Barry Goldwater. As photographer, took over a thousand photographs; wrote book, Sky Pioneering. AAB, ANC, AHS, FEL, JBE
Reuben, Mrs. George H. (1881, KY-1930, Los Angeles, CA) From Phoenix, exhibited watercolors titled Roses and California Mission in 'Arizona Artists' section of 1920 Arizona State Fair. Her first name was Leda. ANC, ASF

Reuben, Leda (See Reuben, Mrs. George H.)

Richardson, Lillian (1912, AZ) From Mohave and wife of William Richardson, exhibited three oil paintings in 1927 Arizona State Fair. ANC, ASF

Rigden, Ada Belle (1884, Twin Bridges, MT-1962, Kirkland AZ) In Arizona by 1905; lived on ranch near Kirkland; moved to Prescott in 1920s; entered 1928 and 1929 State Fair with landscape paintings including Yavapai Hills and Kirkland Peak. Exhibited in 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935 at Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition, "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, AAB, ANC, ASF, FEL
Rigden, Margaret Kester Hays (1917, Kirkland AZ-2014, Prescott AZ) Yavapai neighbor and art student of Ada Rigden; also studied art at University of Arizona in Tucson. Ranch duties as wife of John Rigden, son of Ada, 'diverted' most of creative energy. Her Pencil Sketch of Mary Jones, dated 1935, is in the Sharlot Hall Museum, Prescott. AAB, ANC

Riley, Mary Gine (1883, Washington DC-1939, Washington DC) Had sophisticated eastern art education; from occasional travels west from DC in 1920 and 1930s, did paintings including The Arroyo, Arizona. ANC, KOV, SAM

Robinson, Beulah L. Abbott (1901, AR-1978, Crawford AR) Lived primarily in Arkansas, but was briefly in Arizona; listed in "Arizona Artists: section of 1928 State Fair catalogue for oil paintings including The Catalinas. ANC, ASF
Robinson, Irene Margaret Bowen (1891, South Bend WA-1973, Santa Monica CA) Los Angeles resident, was children's book illustrator, art teacher and painter of landscape, old buildings, still life and animals; exhibited Toward Capistrano at 1928 State Fair. ASF, HUG
Robertson, Lillian W. (See Smith, Lillian W. Wilhelm)
Robertson, Lillian Wilhelm (See Smith, Lillian Wilhelm)
Roca, Stella McLennan (1879, Nebraska City NE-1954, Tucson AZ) Married to silver mining engineer, Lautaro Roca, was in Tucson by 1915; Took long car trips for painting; co-founded Tucson Fine Arts Association; exhibited in five Arizona State Fairs; and four "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibitions at Museum of Northern Arizona. AAAC, ASF, KOV
Romero, Ophelia McGraw (1886, Altus Arkansas-1974, Albuquerque, NM) (See McGraw, Ophelia Romero)
Roxburgh, Mrs. M.M. (Early 20th, AZ/CA) Listed in 'Water Colors' category in exhibition catalogue of 1929 Arizona State Fair; her entries were Evening Light, La Jolla and Shell Beach, La Jolla. ASF
Rush, Olive (1873, Fairmount IN-1966, Santa Fe NM) Muralist, illustrator and painter, beginning 1914, spent 43 years traveling and painting New Mexico and Arizona subjects, including Hopi Snake Dance ceremonies. AAB

Sand, Alice Low (1870, Brooklyn Heights NY-1932, Tucson AZ)
New York native and landscape painter, from 1920 until death, divided time between Tucson and Nantucket Island. Exhibited in 1930 at Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition of Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts. AAAC, AAB
Sanger Margaret Higgins (1879, Corning NY-1966, Tucson AZ) Seeking recovery in 1937 from surgery and birth control political battles, was in Tucson area where she settled; took art classes, painted landscapes, and founded health clinics. AAB
Sargent, Mrs. L.H. (See Seargeant, Mrs. L.H.)
Schaffer, Jessie E. Swarens (See Swarens, Jessie E.)
Schaeffer, Jessie E. Swarens (See Swarens, Jessie E.)
Schaefer, Mathilde Davis (1909, New York City-1973) Sculptor and potter, vacationed in Arizona in 1935; married local artist, Lew Davis, and established pottery school and acquired one of first kilns in the state. KOV
Scherzel, Emily W. (Early 20th, AZ -1957) Living in Phoenix by mid 1920s, was friend of Lon Megargee from Philadelphia; her portrait by him is in Phoenix Museum of History. Referenced in May Noble's 1923 article "Arizona Artists" in The Arizona Teacher and Home Journal. Had three entries in 'Black and White' category of 1925 Arizona State Fair including Walpi. ASF, FAH, NOB
Schevill, Margaret Erwin (1887, Jersey City NJ-1962, Tucson AZ) In Tucson teaching English after graduating in 1909 from Wellesley College; inspired, took up painting Southwest scenes; married Rudolph Schevill, and by 1920s traveled with him to northern Arizona painting watercolor images of Navajo Indians. HUG

Schultz, Belle Irene Lindsey (early 20th) As a listed 'Arizona Artist,' exhibited oil landscape painting, Solitude of the Redwoods, in 1917 Arizona State Fair. That year in Phoenix she married Wingate Lindsey. ANC, ASF
Schultz, Isabelle Churchman (See Churchman, Isabelle Schultz)
Schuster, Donna Norine (1855, Milwaukee WI-1953, Los Angeles CA) Prominent artist educated in Chicago and Boston and resident of California; exhibited seven watercolors in 1917 Arizona State Fair and had Fair entries in 1920, 1928 and 1929. AAB, ASF
Scott, Elsie Cowan (1908, Iowa) Still life and landscape painter, lived in Iowa, California and Arizona; exhibited five paintings in 1935 Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts exhibition at Museum of Northern Arizona. AAAC, AAB, HUG
Scutt, Winifred (1892, Long Island NY-1976, Dallas TX) New York portrait painter and evangelist, spent winters of 1936/37 and 1937/38 in Tucson; exhibited Indian portraits at Old Pueblo, Tucson. KOV
Seargeant, Elizabeth (See Oldaker, Elizabeth Seargeant)
Seargeant, May (1884, Missouri-1982, Phoenix AZ) Married to Lawrence Seargeant, a farmer/rancher on Wilson Road of Phoenix; entered paintings and on jury selection of 1917 Arizona State Fair; also exhibited in 1920, 1927, 1928 and 1929 State Fairs with some signed 'May Seargeant'. Submitted artwork in 1931 exhibition of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, ANC, ASF
Seargeant, Mrs. L. H. (See Seargeant, May)

Second Frog Woman (See Navasie, Joy Naha)
Sellers, Crighton (See Peixotto, Irma Maduro)
Shea, Mary Evelyn (1903, Bisbee AZ-) Raised in Bisbee as daughter of John and Ellen Shea, entered oil painting, Laguna Beach, in 1925 Arizona State Fair. Married Adger Hutchinson in 1929. ANC, ASF

Shepherd, Nellie Ellen (1877, Thayer KS-1920, Tucson AZ) Paris-trained impressionist painter and art professor, was a frequent traveler to Arizona with special focus on Pima and Papago Indians; painting titled Papago Indian Hut, Arizona is in Santa Fe Railway collection. DAW, KOV
Sherrill-Munson, Harriet (early 20th-AZ,) Submitted paintings including Casa Grande Ruins in Arizona 1928 State Fair. ASF
Shipley, Mrs. Dell (Early 20th, Winslow AZ) Entered painting Old Oraibi in 1932 Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition: Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts. AAAC
Shipley, Mrs. L.M. (Early 20th, AZ) From Winslow and married to Major L.M. Shipley, World War I veteran and major donor to Winslow Historical Society; exhibited figure and still life paintings in 1927 and 1929 State Fairs, and participated in 1929 Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition: "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC, ASF, OTM
Shropshire, Betty Stoner (1906, Chattanooga TN-1993, Broadwater MT) California painter, graphic and commercial artist, she was the wife of John Lawrence Stoner; exhibited paintings including Mountain Trail at 1929 Arizona State Fair. AAB, ANC, ASF
Sine, Grace Agnes, (1894, Portland OR-1980, Santa Clara CA) In Tuscon by 1910; was clerk for a publishing company; in 1928 and 1929 Arizona State Fair, ?exhibited paintings including From Mexico and San Xavier del Bac. ANC, ASF
Skeele, Anna Katherine (1896, Wellington OH-1963, Pasadena CA) Beginning 1928 was in Arizona where painted Navajo and Hopi subjects. KOV
Skelly, Alta Lillian (1896, Pinckneyville AZ-1983, Tucson AZ) Painter of landscape, still life and Indians and graphic artist, was resident of Illinois until 1938, when she moved to Tucson for the remainder of her life. DAW, HUG, KOV
Smith, Carmen A. (1897, Arizona-) Los Angeles artist, Latino and wife of Frank C. Smith; was born in Arizona but no apparent record of returning. ANC, HUG
Smith, Effie Anderson (1868, Hope AR-1955, Prescott AZ) Living in Pearce, Arizona by late 1890s; painted Grand Canyon and Cochise County from sketches done on horseback; promoted idea that pottery by Indian women was as valuable as that of Indian men. Exhibited landscape painting in 1927 Arizona State Fair. AAB; AAF, KOV
Smith, Gertrude E. (See Smith, Lura Gertrude)
Smith, Helen May (Early 20th, Joseph City AZ) Landscape painting and batik entries in 1931 and 1932 Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition: Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts AAAC
Smith, Lillian Wilhelm (1882, NYC-1971, Prescott AZ) Nearly 50 years in Arizona, arrived in 1913; designed pottery and ran Tuba City trading post; exhibited in five Arizona State Fairs and seven Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibitions of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, AAB, ASF, FEL

Smith, Lola (See Smith, Mrs. M.K.)

Smith, Lura Gertrude (1875, Indiana-1953, Phoenix AZ) From Phoenix and wife of Aubrey V. Smith; exhibited in 1928 and 1929 State Fairs including oil paintings, Four Peaks and Arizona Canal; entered 1932 and 1933 exhibition of Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts. AAAC, ASF
Smith, Margaret (Early 20th, AZ) From Phoenix entered paintings, At The Pool and Portrait Study, in 'Serious Student Class' of 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" at Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff. AAAC
Smith, Mrs. M.K. (1903, Oklahoma) From Cochise County, Arizona by 1940, while still living in Oklahoma exhibited Sea Gulls at 1928 Arizona State Fair. Her first name was Lola. ANC, ASF
South, Margaret Frieda (See Carlstedt, Margaret Frieda South)
Spencer, Margaret Fulton (1882-Philadelphia PA-1966, Philadelphia PA) Widowed from artist Robert Spencer, was one of USA's first female architects and became a part-time impressionist painter; in late 1930s purchased 200 acre ranch near Tucson, and created Las Lomas Estates, resort destination for 'rich and famous'. DAW, MIC
Sroufe, Susan Loosley (1853, Petaluma CA-1940, Sausalito CA) Landscape, Indian figure, and still-life painter with Paris and Munich art training, took trips from California to Arizona with salesman-husband John Loosley; painted oil and watercolor landscapes including Mexican Hut, Arizona. HUG, KOV
Stacey, Anna Lee Dey (1865, Glasgow MO-1943, Los Angeles CA) From Chicago in the early 1900s, traveled often to California, and about 1915, was in Arizona where she painted the Grand Canyon; Santa Fe Railway Collection has her work. AAB
Stanley, Anna Huntington (1864, Yellow Spring OH-1908, Philadelphia PA) Had sophisticated art training, and exhibition venues at the French Salon and National Academy of Design; then as military wife to Lieutenant Willard Holbrook, lived on Arizona frontier at Fort Grant in 1896, and Fort Huachuca and Fort Whipple from 1893 to 1908. Raising two sons and traveling extensively, she continued to paint. AAB
Stanley, Jane Caroline (1863, Detroit MI-1940, Ann Arbor MI) Like father in-law, John Mix Stanley, explored Arizona. From visits 1927, 1928 and 1930 painted San Xavier Mission, Catalina Mountains, Sabrino Canyon and Cinder Hill, Flagstaff. Exhibited in 1930 at Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition of Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts. AAAC, AAB
Stanley, Leah M. (See Hurlburt, Leah M.)
Sterchi, Eda Elisabeth (1885, Olney IL-1969, Paradise Valley AZ) Spent winters of 1938, 1939, and 1940 in Phoenix and eventually moved there. Exhibited Arizona landscape and portrait paintings, five batik pieces and two metal works in 1920 Arizona State Fair. AAB, ASF, DAW
Steven, Kathleen W. (1895, Scotland-1984, Bisbee AZ) Listed in 1930-1950 Bisbee City Directories as "Proprietor," and worked grocery store with husband William Steven; exhibited in 1929 Arizona State Fair in 'Arizona Artists' category. Submitted two oil still-life paintings, Apples, Roses and Plates of Apples. ANC, ASF
Stokoe, Evelyn (1904, Phoenix-) From Phoenix, she operated a beauty salon; was exhibitor at 1929 Arizona State Fair with painting entries A Winter Evening and Landscape. In 1938, married Frank T. Patterson. ANC, ASF
Stokons, Jessie E. (AZ/CO-early 20th) Entered paintings titled Colorado Scene, Northern Scene and Superstition Mountain at 1929 Arizona State Fair. ASF
Stoner, Betty (See Shropshire, Betty)
Streets, Frances Wocasek (1900, Montana-1991, Redwood City CA) From Tucson where married to Rupert Streets; entered oil and watercolor desert floral landscapes in 'Arizona Artists' section of 1928 State Fair. ANC, ASF
Stroud, Laura D. Ladd (See Ladd, Laura D.)
Summers, Anna  (See Summers, Mrs. L.L.)
Summers, Mrs. L.L. (Early 20th, AZ) Active in Tucson according to May Noble's 1923 article titled "Arizona Artists" in The Arizona Teacher and Home Journal. Was Anna Summers, wife of Professor Livingston L. Summers, and couple moved to Arizona by 1920 from Portland, Oregon. ANC, NOB
Sunn, Mabel Cora (1898, Maricopa AZ-1980, Maricopa AZ) Maricopa-Peeposh Potter, was original member of 1939 Maricopa Pottery Cooperative, which encouraged potters to sign their wares. ANC, HAY, HDE
Swarens, Jessie E. Schaffer (1901, Missouri-1950, Phoenix AZ) With parents, Lewis and Mary Titsworth Swarens, moved from Missouri to Arizona year she was born; Exhibited three paintings in 1928 State Fair: Camel Back Mountain, Canyon Lake and Estrella Mountains. ANC, ASF

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