Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Ladd, Laura Darling Stroud (1863, Philadelphia PA-1943, Philadelphia, PA) Landscape and floral painter who, widowed in 1909 from architect Westray Ladd, settled briefly in Arizona. Exhibited at 1926 Arizona State Fair, winning painting prize judged "best by a Philadelphia woman." AAB
Laing, Nora H. (1891, Port Elizabeth, South Africa-1982, Burbank CA) In the 1920s, as a young mother and painter with invalid husband, she described tp interviewer Edward R. Murrow "many years spent in the hush of the Arizona desert. . .alone in a world of prickly cacti with an eerie moon silvering the hard-baked earth as it descended over Squaw Peak." Exhibited at 1925 Arizona State Fair; in California became founder of Hollywood Foreign Press, which presented first Golden Globe Awards. ASF, TUF, WIK
Lane, Martella Cone (1875, Albia IA-1962, Whittier CA) California art teacher, painter, and preservationist of redwood trees she also painted in Arizona beginning 1927. KOV
Lange, Dorothea (1895, Hoboken NJ-1965, San Francisco CA) Depression-era photographer, in 1922 stayed four months with artist-husband Maynard Dixon on Navajo Reservation at Kayenta, Arizona. "This memory was with her forever." GOR
Lange, Erna (1896, Elizabeth NJ-1984, Phoenix AZ) Desert-scene painter, spent winters of 1930 and 1932 on San Xavier del Bac Reservation; moved to Phoenix in 1940; Her painting, Early Desert Morning, is in the Fran Elliott Collection of Sedona. FEC, KOV
Larsen, Mae Sybil (1894, Chicago IL-1953, Chicago IL) Between 1920-1952, painted in Southwest including Sketch of Grand Canyon. KOV
Larsen, Winifred B. (Early 20th, AZ/CA) In Arizona Artists category of 1929 State Fair exhibitors; submitted oil painting, Dawn in the Redwoods ASF
Lawrence, Mabel Lloyd (1896, San Bernadino CA-1986) Resident of Prescott, Arizona in 1930s; wife of Elmer Lawrence; studied with Claire Dooner-Phillips and founded Mountain Artists Guild. ANC, STG

Lee, Bertha Elizabeth Stringer (1869, San Francisco CA-1937, San Francisco CA) Landscape painter, was at the Grand Canyon in 1907. KOV
Leighton, Kathryn Woodman (1875, Plainfield NH-1952, Los Angeles CA) In late 1920s and early 30s painted over 700 Indian portraits including Hopi and Navajos. Exhibited oil paintings in 1927 and 1928 State Fair. AAB, ASF
Lemmon, Sara Allen Plummer (1836, New Gloucester ME-1923, Stockton CA) Focused on tree and plant conservation; in 1880 honeymooned in Arizona, traveling by horses and wagons, and studied botanicals. KOV
Lindsey, Belle Irene Schultz (See Schultz, Belle Irene Lindsey)
Little, Bertha (1880, Kansas-1940, Portales, New Mexico) Navajo Indian married to Charles Little and lived in Phoenix; painted miniature rug designs for marketing at Hubbell Trading Post; taught at Ganado Mission School. ANC, BLU
Loloma, Otellie Pasiyava (1922, Sipaulovi Village, AZ-1993, Sipauilovi Village, AZ) Second Mesa Hopi Indian, did ceramic sculpture, painting, jewelry and pottery making. Was a teacher and student at the University of Arizona and studied at University of Northern Arizona. LES, SCH
Longstreth, Margaret Baugh (1864, Philadelphia PA-1918, NYC) Educated in New York and Philadelphia, and widely traveled in the American West; painted landscape and Indian subjects. With the American Watercolor Society exhibited Hopi Indian Bride, 1904, and Navajo Mother and Child, 1908. KOV
Lovell, Laurette Francis (1867, San Jose CA-1936, Los Angeles CA) Spending most of her life in Arizona she was very active in Tucson as a painter of desert landscapes, mission architecture, and Papago and Apache Indians; also a potter, she created Tohono O'odham designs; in 1891, served as Arizona Territory "Lady Manager" for World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. Married Will Francis and some work signed L.L. Francis. HUG, KOV
Mabry, Jane Robinson (1911, Roswell NM-2006, Albuquerque NM) A staff artist for the National Park Service and a gallery owner, she painted portraits, wildlife, and Indian genre including a painting in the 1930s titled Navajos of Arizona. AAB
MacGowan, Clara Cioban (1894, Montreal CAN-1983, Carlsbad CA) Block printer, art teacher, mountain scene painter, and ceramist, was active in Illinois and Pacific Northwest; between 1936 and 1938 exhibited Grand Canyon paintings at Delphic Studios, New York City. KOV
MacPherson, Beatrice Edna (See Edgerly, Beatrice Edna)
Maho, Patty (1903, Hopi AZ-1993, Hopi AZ) Active 1930 to 1979; did pottery of black, red and yellow bowls decorated with parrot and feather designs; was member of Hopi Tewa Parrot Clan, and worked with sister, Mamie Nahoodyce. SCH
Maison, Mary Edith Cox (1886, Bethlehem PA-1954, Los Angeles CA) California rancher, homemaker, musician and artist; in Tucson, 1936, she held entertainments of playing her piano compositions with her paintings as backdrops; in 1927 and 1929 exhibited Tumacacori and Desert Bloom paintings at Arizona State Fairs. ASF, HUG
Manley, Catherine (See Henson, Catherine Manley)
Markham, Joy Pratt (1894, AR-1976) From Fayetteville, Arkansas where Walton Arts Center features the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery; in 1927 was resident of Maricopa County, and entered oil painting, The Chorus Girl in Arizona State Fair. ANC, ASF, FAL
Markham, Mrs. D. H. (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibited portrait oil painting in 1925 Arizona State Fair. ASF
Marlow, Lucy Clare Drake (1890, Erie PA-1978, Phoenix AZ) In Tucson by late 1920s for remainder of life, active in Tucson Fine Arts Association; WPA artist, and State Fair painting section exhibitions in 1927, 1928 and 1929; in 1940 her Pima Indian girl painting, Teresita Girl, won first prize in Erie Art Club of Erie, Pennsylvania. in Arizona Artists Arts And Crafts exhibits in 1930, 1931 and 1932. AAAC, ANC ASF, TRE
Marshall, Alice Lord (1895, East Orange NJ-?) Watercolor painter and 'wild west' enthusiast; in 1919 at age 23, settled in Phoenix. Married Edward Marshall; studied with William Berry Schimmel; member of Arizona Watercolor Society and founder and first president of Maricopa County Girl Scouts Council. AAB, ANC, FAL
Martin, Bonnibel Welch (See Welch, Bonnie Martin)
Mason, Elizabeth Ethel (1880, Jacksonville IL-1953, Santa Barbara CA) Painter, jewelry maker, and art therapist, from 1925 to 1942, specialized in dioramas including daily life scenes of Apache and Hopi Indians for Los Angeles Southwest Museum. KOV
MaWhinney, Lorraine (Early 20th, AZ) From Phoenix and married to physician Elgin Mawhinney, entered watercolor landscapes in 'Arizona Artists' category of 1929 State Fair and landscape paintings in 1930 and 1934 at Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC, ANC, ASF
Maxemin, Mrs. G. (Early 20th, AZ) From Flagstaff, entered Indian subject paintings in 1931 and 1932 'Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts' exhibition including Chief Wu-pa-katu and Egyptian Girl. AAAC
Mayhew, Nell Cole Brooker (1875, Astoria IL-1940, Highland Park CA) Teacher, etcher, muralist and California landscape painter; between 1908 and 1935, exhibited at Arizona State Fair. KOV
McAvoy, Katherine Keeler Dukes (See Dukes, Katherine Keeler)
McClain, Cornelia Perkins (Early 20th, AZ) Active in Arizona according to May Noble's 1923 article titled "Arizona Artists" in The Arizona Teacher and Home Journal. NOB  
McComas, Eugenia (See McComas, Gene Francis)
McComas, Gene Francis (1886, San Francisco CA-1982, Monterey CA) While doing three pack mule trips with husband from California into Hopi and Navajo country between 1917 and 1938, visited Hubbell Trading Post. Her Public Works Administration 1930s exhibition entry included painting, Navajo Indians-Arizona. KOV
McCoy, Nell Rhodes Bickel (1883, Reading MI-1965, Santa Barbara) Artist depicting landscapes and historic towns, was in Phoenix by age five; married seven times, three times to Clarence McCoy and once to Walter Bickel. Paintings including Superstition Mountain were in Arizona State Fairs of 1925, 1927, 1928 and 1929. ANC, ASF
McEwen, Alexandrine (1876, Nottingham ENG-1955, Langford BC) With 'sophisticated' art training in Germany, Detroit, and New York, moved to Arizona in 1926 with sister, Katherine. Until 1942, they owned and operated the "Seven Dash Ranch" near Dragoon in Cochise County. AAB, DAW, KOV
McEwen, Katherine (1875, Nottingham ENG-1945, BC) Student of William Merritt Chase, Charles Woodbury, and David Siqueiros, was a determined traveler but physically frail; headed west and hired guides with horses and camping gear to paint remote sites including Arizona where in 1926, joined sister Alexandrine to set up Cochise County dude ranch. Lived there until 1942. DAW, KOV
McGill, Eloise Polk (1868, Independence TX-1939, San Antonio TX) Landscape, portrait painter, and teacher in Texas; did sketching in Arizona. In 1932, at Pabst Gallery in San Antonio exhibited painting, Grand Canyon. Signed her work E.P. McGill. KOV, POW
McGraw, Ophelia Romero (1886, Altus Arkansas-1974, Albuquerque, NM) Operator of Indian Craft Store in Rockefeller Center, New York; exhibited landscape painting with maiden last name of McGraw in 1927 Arizona State Fair. By 1918, was wife of Claude Romero, relative of Hubbell family; lived at Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado. From 1930s lived in Tucson, where ran Indian Craft Store. ANC ASF, HUB
McKellips, E. Ethel (1897, AZ-) Exhibitor in Arts and Crafts section of 1916 Arizona State Fair and entries in Ceramics and Arts and Crafts section of 1917 State Fair; included silver and gold jewelry, vases, bowls, copper tray, Chocolate Pot, Chocolate Set and Tea Stand. In 1917 Phoenix City Directory, listed her as "cashier" living at 16 East Garfield. ANC, ASF
McKelvie, Martha Groves De Arnold (1886, Smithville, MO-1976, Scottsdale AZ) Multi-talented painter, designer and craftsperson, was First Lady of Nebraska, 1919-1923; in 1930s began regular visits to Arizona with husband; assisted Peoria rancher Colonel Bumstead with entertaining dignitaries. AAB
McMurdo, Alta Neill (Early 20th, AZ) In 1928 State Fair, exhibited Portrait; Married to Clarence McMurdo who was a painter and ran Art Goods Store; in 1928 living in Phoenix. ANC, ASF
McNaughton, Elizabeth Florence Baskerville (1906, Los Angeles CA-1991, Pebble Beach CA) Widely traveled impressionist painter and teacher from California, listed with maiden name of Baskerville in 1929 Arizona State Fair catalogue for still life entry. ASF, HUG
McNay, Marion Koogler (1883, DeGraff, OH-1950, San Antonio TX) Texas watercolor painter, teacher and philanthropist, endowed Marion Koogler McNay Art Institute in San Antonio. From 1929 was in Navajo country where she did many Indian studies for future paintings. DAW, POW
Meason, Katherine (Early 20th, AZ) From Phoenix was listed with painting Superstition Mt., West Side in 1935 exhibition of Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts. AAAC
Melcher, Virginia Ivan (1905, South Portland, Kentucky-1958, Buffalo, NY) Arizona census records listed with 'industry' of "phototenting;" exhibited painting Grand Canyon at Sunset in 1929 Arizona State Fair. In 1929 and 1930 had work exhibited in "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." Wife of Dr. Edward Melcher and lived at Greenlaw Mills near Flagstaff. ANC, AAAC, ASF, HUG
Meux, Gwendolyn Dufill (1893, St. John's, Newfoundland-1973, Boulder CO) Artist, writer and teacher from Oklahoma and Colorado, painted and exhibited in Tucson according to its Arizona Daily Star newspaper, October 28, 1934. KOV
Miles, Maud Maple (1981, Chariton IA-1944, Wilmette IL) Color theorist and long-time art teacher in Kansas City and then resident of Illinois; made trips to Arizona from early 1900s to 1939. Organized "bronze bas-relief markers (of a prairie schooner drawn by oxen) along Santa Fe Trail." KOV
Miller, Ruth Herdrich (Early 20th, AZ) Listed in 'Arizona Artists' section as exhibitor in 1928 Arizona State Fair of two landscape oil paintings, Snow on Four Peaks and Squaw Peak, and one floral still life. ASF

Miller, Susan Barse (1875, Adrian MI-1935, Clearwater FL) Attended art schools in Paris, New York and Pennsylvania and settled in California; entered 1928 and 1929 Arizona State Fair exhibitions with figure and landscape paintings. ASF, HUG
Modesti, Angelina Stella (1894, Yuma, Arizona-1980-Orange, California) On California Arts and Architecture list of 1932, she was born as one of seven children to Autie and Eliza Modesti in Arizona; was in Los Angeles by age 15. Nothing more has been found. ANC, HUG
Modjeska, Marylka Pattison (1893, Chicago IL-1966, Tucson, AZ) Etcher and painter, moved to Tucson in 1920 as wife of Sidney Pattison, Chair of University of Arizona English department; exhibited in 1929 with Arizona Woman's Club, and 1927 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs with prints and paintings including Mission Door-San Xavier. AAB, ASF, KOV

Moon, Grace Purdie (1884, Sioux Falls SD-1947, Pasadena CA) In Arizona from California in early 1900s, collaborated with artist-husband Carl Moon on children's book illustrations about Navajo Indians. DAW, HUG
Moore, Ina May Booth (1920-Hayden, AZ-) Arizonan and "life-long" artist, did watercolor painting and metal sculpture; spent childhood in mining and cattle town of Mayer; attended University of Arizona and was on staff at Phoenix Art Museum. KOV

Morrell, Mary (See Morrell, Mrs. M.)
Morrell, Mrs. M. (Early 20th, AZ) Was Mary Morrell of Phoenix; In 1929 Arizona State Fair, exhibited paintings including Desert Scene Near Tucson and Superstition Mountain. ASF
Morris, Florence Ann Baker (1876, Nevada MO-1947, Roswell NM) Teacher and painter primarily active in New Mexico beginning 1912 where moved from Missouri; "on occasion, traveled to Arizona, where she gained friendship of Mescalero Apache." Hopi Pueblo was one of her paintings. KOV
Muchvo, Ethel Salyah (1882 Hopi AZ-1970, Polacca, AZ) Hopi potter known for tulip vases and cylinder jars; lost 12 of 13 children to tuberculosis; subject of book, Hopi Summer: Letters from Ethel to Maud, about friendship with eastern woman beginning 1927. AAB, SCH
Munson, Harriet Sherrill (See Sherrill-Munson, Harriet)

Murdock, Melanie F. (Early 20th, AZ) Teacher and weaver; resident of Phoenix by early 1920s; entered painting and fabric art in 1930 and 1931 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibit at Museum of Northern Arizona. AAAC, ANC

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