Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Haines, Marie Bruner (1881, Cincinnati OH-1979, Bennington VT) Known for Taos Indian subjects; well-schooled in the East, was listed in Arizona 1929 State Fair exhibition catalogue with painting, Sheep Going Home, Taos Valley. ASF, KOV
Hale, Ellen Day (1855, Worcester MA-1949, Brookline MA) Much-admired Boston School painter; in Arizona in 1891 as part of Nevada and Colorado travels. AAB
Hall, Elizabeth Boyd Hall (1903, Philadelphia PA-1974, Santa Fe NM) A Philadelphia native who settled in Santa Fe, she "remained a resident except for interludes in Arizona (c. 1937). . . .The Southwest, particularly New Mexico and Arizona, provided themes for most of her work." Her entries in the 1937 Brooklyn Museum's International Exhibition of Watercolors included Tucson. KOV

Halseth, Edna Mae Scofield (1879, Ripon WI-1956, Phoenix AZ) In Phoenix by 1927, was sculptor, Art Guild organizer and with husband Odd Halseth, became curator-archaeologists for Heard Museum and City of Phoenix. Had three portrait sculptures in 1929 Arizona State Fair. ASF, HUG
Hamilton, Helen (1889, Shrub Oak, NY-1970, NY) From Pasadena and daughter of artist Hamilton Hamilton, exhibited oil and watercolor portraits, still life, landscapes, photographs and metal work in 1927 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs. AAB ASF
Hamilton, Lucretia Breazeale (1908, Falls Church VA-1986, Tucson AZ) By 1920 had moved to Pima Reservation where her father was with experiment station; in 1935 was on Navajo Reservation with horticulturalist husband Louis Hamilton; 1922 enrolled at Arizona State University and 1938 joined ASU faculty, becoming nationally famous plant illustrator. Elected to Arizona Women's Hall of Fame. AHS, AZL

Hamlin, Edith Anne Dixon (1902, Oakland CA-1992, San Francisco CA) In Tucson winters of 1939 to 1946 with artist-husband Maynard Dixon; painting subjects included Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Reservation and Grand Canyon. KOV
Hammer, Angela M. Hutchinson (1870, Virginia City NV-1952, AZ) In Arizona Women's Hall of Fame as founder in 1914 of the Casa Grande Dispatch; was also active as an artist. Listed in Arizona Artists category of 1929 State Fair exhibitors with entry, Camel Back Mountain. AHS, ASF, AZL
Hannon, Olga Ross (1890, Moline IL-1947, Wickenburg AZ) Montana State College art professor, 1921-1947; mostly painted in Colorado but "also sketched in New Mexico and Arizona." KOV
Hansen, Fern (Early 20th, AZ) Entered watercolor in 1927 'Arizona Artists' section of Arizona State Fair. ASF
Hansen, May (See Hanson, May)
Hanson, May (Early 20th, AZ) Oil and watercolor painter who exhibited in 'Secondary Gallery' of 1927 Arizona State Fair. ASF
Harcoff, Lyla Vivian Marshall (1883, Lafayette IN-1956, Santa Barbara CA) Trained at the Art Institute of Chicago and Academie Moderne in Paris, was in Arizona by 1913 to paint Indian settlement scenes for Santa Fe Railroad. AAB
Harrington, K. Alice (Early 20th, AZ) From Chandler and Phoenix and employed as a stenographer, entered painting titled Killarney in 1927 Arizona State Fair. ANC, ASF
Harrison, Jean W. (1897, AZ) From Phoenix and married to Laurence Harrison; in Arizona State Fair Artists category of 1925, 1927 and 1929 with oil paintings including Guadalupe and Mt McDowell; 1930-1935 landscape entries in Arizona Arts and Crafts exhibit at Museum of Northern Arizona. AAAC, ANC, ASF
Hastings Alice Carol (1907, Arizona-1985, San Diego CA) Born in Arizona, was taken in 1908 to California, where lived remainder of life. HUG
Hawkins, Grace Alice Milner (1869, Bee Town WI-1944, Palos Verdes CA) From Iowa, Montana, and California, was painter of Southwest scenes; in 1933 had one-person shows at the Phoenix Art Association where she was a member. HUG, KOV
Hazen, Bessie Ella (1862, Waterford CT-1946, Los Angeles CA) From California traveled widely including Arizona's Grand Canyon; exhibited prints and watercolors in 1916, 1917 and 1920 Arizona State Fairs. ASF, HUG, KOV
Heineke, Irene M. Currier (1917, Phoenix-) Long time resident of Phoenix and listed in census records with occupation of artist and designer, exhibited work titled Hawaii in 1929 Arizona State Fair. In 1948, married Warren Currier, ANC, ASF
Hemingway, Grace Hall (1872, Chicago IL-1951, Oak Park IL) Concert singer, voice teacher, painter and mother of author Ernest Hemingway, she took up painting at age 52. First driving trip to Arizona was in 1928 with her brother, Leicester, to paint desert landscapes. In 1937, she gave a lecture on Nantucket Island titled "Travel and Painting in the Great Southwest," and illustrated her talk with paintings from the 1928 trip. AAB
Hemingway, Hall, See Hemingway, Grace Hall

Heneke, Anna Dorothy. (Henneke) (1897, CA-1991, CA) From Los Angeles; listed in exhibition catalog with desert scene painting in 'Water Colors' category of 1929 Arizona State Fair. In Los Angeles City Directory of 1924s, last name is spelled 'Henneke,' occupation is 'artist.' ANC, ASF
Henson, Catherine Margaret (Manley) (1909, Minot ND-1988) Artist and teacher in Flagstaff, Arizona, and collector of Zane Grey memorabilia. Exhibited block prints and landscape paintings of Sedona including Bell Rock, Oak Creek in 1934 and 1935 exhibition of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, AAB, AHS
Heron, Edith Harvey (1895, San Jose CA-1980, Oakland CA) Known for watercolors, drawings and etchings; in 1942, taught art in Poston, Arizona at Yuma County Japanese internment camp. KOV, WIK
Herr, Lucy Deere Alexander (1865, OR-1946, Sacramento CA) Great niece of John Deere, farm equipment developer, was active painter in Oregon and California, and in 1901 briefly in Arizona when married second husband, Benjamin Herr, in Kingman. AAB
Hess, Harriet (1866, Benton PA-1974, Santa Ana CA) Earned teaching degree as young person at University of Arizona; lived in Pasadena where devoted to grade school teaching; did watercolors in leisure time. HUG
Hickok, Adelaide Valentine Cutler (1887, Colusa CA-1987, Berkeley CA) Landscape painter, spent 1912 on Navajo Reservation with civil engineer husband, Clifton Hickok. With him, created collection of photographs and drawings of Navajos from 1916 visit to Ganado Mission. AHS, HUG
Higgy, Mary Alice (1874 Canton OH-1969, Columbus OH) Painter of watercolor nocturnes and landscapes and visitor from Ohio, received Honorable Mention at 1916 Arizona State Fair. ANC, ASF
Hill, Abby Rhoda Williams (1861 Grinnell IA-1943, San Diego CA) Northern Pacific Railroad commissioned artist national park landscapes painter, lived winters of 1924 to 1931 in Tucson, and painted at Grand Canyon. AAB, KOV

Hill, Helen Cozens (1899, Encinitas CA-2004, San Diego CA) Centenarian and for landscape painting was frequently in Sedona, Arizona in early 1930s She died on her 105th birthday. AAB
Hills, Anna Althea (1882, Ravenna OH-1930, Laguna Beach CA) Famous as a California artist and educated in the eastern United States and Paris, she painted Arizona desert scenes as early as 1914. Her painting Montezuma's Head-Arizona was painted in 1915. AAB
Hodge, Helen Iserman Francis (1870, Ridgway KS-1958, Topeka KS) Painter and photographer from Topeka, painted in Arizona, often traveling with her sister, Ida Randall Bolles. KOV, CRG
Hodge, Margaret Whitehead Magill (1863, DC-1935, York PA) Worked in 1895 at First Mesa Hopi ruins of Sikyatki with Jesse Fewkes and husband Frederick Hodge on Bureau of American Ethnology Project; made "accurate, colored drawings of the excavated vessels." KRA
Hoffman, Malvina Cornell (1885, New York City-1966, New York City) A New York and Paris oriented artist, exhibited her Navajo Indian bronzes at Vose Gallery in Boston in 1937. KOV
Hohberger, Hazel Mildred Bobb (1895, Lyons KS-1985, Salinas CA) Settled in Salinas in California ranch country about 1929; taught voice lessons and painted in leisure time. Made "many trips" into Arizona" and other Indian country sites of Southwest. HUG
Hollenbeck, Annette (1896, New Haven CT-1962, Tucson AZ) Listed in 'Water Colors' category in exhibitions of 1929 Arizona State Fair; entries were Pima Reservation and St. John's Mission. Full name was Mabel Annette Hollenbeck; married Stephan Kreyns. ANC, ASF
Holmes, Harriet Morton (1876, Portland ME-1967, Phoenix AZ) Block printer, painter, teacher, rancher and resident 'character', moved to Arizona in 1910; taught at Tempe Normal School; was member of Phoenix and Tucson Fine Arts Associations; exhibited work during 1920s in State Fairs, and in "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" in 1930s. AAAC, AAB, ASF
Homeahumaka, Alice Honumpka (1910, Hopi, AZ-) Known for Cow Katsina figure carving from cottonwood, cow horn, feathers, horsehair, and tanned leather; possibly first Hopi woman carver of Kachinas, and likely same person as Alice Honumpka. AAB, SCK
Hook, Leah Verity (Early 20th, Middletown, OH) From prominent Middletown, Ohio family, did Arizona landscape painting, which was exhibited at Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix. FAL

Housh, S. Henrietta Dorn (1855 Mariposa CA-1919, Los Angeles CA) Landscape painter and teacher, from 1885 to 1889 spent first years of marriage to William Harvey Housh living on a ranch 75 miles west of Phoenix; spent remainder of life in California, where she taught public school in Salinas and Pasadena, and was a member of the California Art Club. AAB, HUG
Howard, Evaleen Elizabeth Kurt (See Kurt, Evaleen Elizabeth)
Hudson, Grace Carpenter (1865, Potter Valley, CA-1937, Ukiah CA) Pomo Indian portrait painter married to ethnologist; admiration of Hopis in Arizona indicated by Hopi sun symbol they placed in 1911 in their Ukiah home. AAB, WIK
Hudspeth, Alice Elaine (1911, Naco, AZ-1995, Los Angeles CA) Teacher and artist, she attended the University of Arizona, and then in 1937, married Herbert Hawkins in Tucson; by 1940, she was living in Chandler, Arizona, and in 1944, re married, this time to Joseph Feltman. ANC, HUG
Hughes, Edith R (1884, Ft. Wayne IN-1930, Ann Arbor, MI) Painter, teacher and designer from the East where studied at the Boston Museum and Pratt Institute. By 1920, she was teaching in Maricopa County, and was referenced in May Noble's 1923 article, "Arizona Artists" in The Arizona Teacher and Home Journal. By 1930, she had moved to Miami Beach, Florida. ANC, FAL, NOB
Hunley, Katharine Jones (1883, Beacon IA-1964, Lynwood CA) Married to teacher Charles Hunley, and lived in Redlands, California, but loved painting Arizona landscapes from the south to the Grand Canyon; exhibited oil painting, Into the West, at 1916 Arizona State Fair. ANC, ASF, HUG, KOV
Hunter, Louise (See Thomas, Mrs. Roy E.)
Huntington, Sybil Rinehart (1870-Effingham IL-Galesville MD, 1973) Painted many landscape scenes of Nevada, where she lived in a remote mining camp, but also painted desert scenes. Exhibited at 1940s Arizona State Fair. HUG, KOV
Hurlburt, Leah M. Stanley (1915, Kansas City, KS-1969, Los Angeles CA) By 1920 was living in Winslow, Arizona, and in 1928 Arizona State Fair exhibited sand painting titled Camelback Mountain. ANC, ASF

Hurst, Martha Eleanor Nicholson (1913, Cambridge OH-1988, Napa CA) Before marriage to sculptor Ronald Hurst and move to Southern California, studied painting with Andrew Wyeth and "continued with Olaf Wieghorst while living in Sedona, Arizona". HUG
Hutchinson, Evelyn (See Shea, Mary Evelyn)

Jack, Lucy Amanda Blair (1884, Sublette IL-1941, Los Angeles CA) Painter and art teacher, was charter member of the Laguna Beach Art Association; exhibited oil paintings Floating Skies and The Cove at the 1925 Arizona State Fair. ASF, HUG
Jackson, Otellie Shula (c. 1915, Sichomovi, AZ-) From a family of carvers and basket makers, she is "recognized as the first woman carver of Hopi Katsina dolls." Her husband was blind, and she supported him and her eight children. Her motto was: "Never leave home without your tools; you can always make a living carving." SCK
James, Rosalie (early 20th, NM) One of first students of Dorothy Dunn in Santa Fe, she became a genre artist of her Navajo culture including Navajo ritual chant scene painting, Night Singers and Drummer, 1936. AAB, BRO
Jenkins, Miriam Brooks (1885, Salt Lake City UT-1944, Santa Ana CA) Musician and fine art impressionist painter who signed her work MBJ, she settled in southern California but visited Arizona where she painted the Grand Canyon. AAB, HUG, KOV

Johnson, Beatrice (Early 20th, AZ) Received Honorable Mention in 1916 Arizona State Fair for exhibition entry, Study of Child's Head-Pastel. ASF

Johnson, Elena Mix (1889, Nogales AZ-1939, Raleigh NC) Born in frontier Arizona and lived in border territory with Mexico as wife of Alexander Johnson, a United States Cavalry officer; had painting talent and following her husband to eastern assignments, acquired sophisticated art education including at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. FAL

Johnson, Elizabeth Viola (1878 Saugatuck, MI-1951, Phoenix, AZ) Sculptor, teacher, and founder of Oxbow Art Colony in Saugatuck, Michigan, was in Phoenix by 1930. For WPA Index of American Design, she did a watercolor of the brand of Lazy B Ranch near Wilcox, owned by family of H. Alan Day and Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court Justice; illustrated in Betsy Fahlman's book, New Deal Art in Arizona. AAB, FAHND

Jones, Grace Church (1868, West Falls NY-1959, Pueblo CO) Educated in New York and Paris, and known for landscapes of France, eastern United States, and American Southwest. In 1911 she exhibited her painting Arizona Hills at Denver Art Club. KOV
Joullin, Lucile Wilcox (1878, Geneseo, IL-1924, San Francisco CA) From 1916 often traveled alone and painted in New Mexico and Arizona, "gaining a reputation both as an artist and authority on Indian culture." Was much influenced towards Southwest Indian subjects by second husband, Amedee Joullin. KOV
Keafer, Hazel (Hazelle) Weaver (1885, Woodland CA-1950, Phoenix AZ) Landscape painter married to Charles Keafer of Phoenix; exhibited paintings with titles Eucalyptus and Superstition Mountain in State Fairs, 1927 and 1928. ASF, HUG
Keeler, Katherine (See Dukes, Katherine Keeler)
Keener, Anna Elizabeth Wilton (1895, Flagler CO-1982, Santa Fe, NM) Block printer, painter, and educator, she taught in Globe, Arizona public schools after World War I before settling in New Mexico in 1942. KOV, POW
Kelley, Beatrice Butler (See Kelley, Mrs. Ben)
Kelley, Mrs. Ben (1898-Texas-1969, Cochise County AZ) Likely was Beatrice Kelley, wife of Ben J. Kelley, and resident of Cochise County, Arizona. Painted Grand Canyon and desert scenes; studied with Maynard Dixon and exhibited in 1930s State Fairs. ANC, FEL
Kent, Dorothy (1888, Tarrytown NY-1981, NM) Painter and musician, in 1916 joined group of first 'white ' horseback riders to enter Arizona through Indian country. Moving to Utah and camping at Rainbow Bridge, she "serenaded her dusty, sunburned, chap-hat-and boot-bedecked audience with a concert---surely a first in the history of classical music, and of this legendary monument." AAB, DAW, POL
Kenyon, Haidee (1876, Beaver Dam WI-1944, La Cresta CA) Impressionist painter especially of extensive gardens in Balboa Park, San Diego; was painting in southern Arizona with sister, Zulu, winters of 1923 and 1927. HUG, KOV
Kenyon, Zulu (1873, Deansville WI-1947, La Mesa CA) Calendar illustrator; in Arizona with sister, Haidee, winters of 1923 and 1927; work by Zulu is in Santa Fe Railway Collection. DAW, KOV

Kilbourne, Elizabeth Merrill Ford (See Ford, Elizabeth Merrill)

Kinderman, Clara S. (Early 20th, AZ) Landscape painter had oil painting, Coconino Forest, in Arizona State Fair, 1917. ASF
Kissel, Eleanora Morgan (1891, Morristown NJ-1966, Norwalk CT) Prolific painter in New Jersey and Massachusetts, was at Grand Canyon, Arizona in 1935 but "devoted most of her energy to painting scenes around Taos. KOV
Kitt, Katherine Florence (1876, Chico, CA-1945, Phoenix AZ) In Arizona by 1897; stayed as educator giving lessons in her Tucson studio; from 1928 to 1945, chaired University of Arizona Art Department. In 1930, exhibited with "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, KOV, TRE
Klinker, Orpha Mae (1891, Fairfield IA-1964, Hollywood CA) Portrait, history, genre, and desert landscape painter from Los Angeles; was in Arizona in the 1930s where painted the Grand Canyon and did research for a series of portraits, "Speaking of Pioneers." AAB, KOV
Kloss, Gene (1903, Oakland CA-1996, Taos NM) Explored the Southwest beginning 1925 with a 60 pound Sturges etching press; settled in Taos and in 1941 exhibited with Tucson Fine Art Association. AAB, HUG
Kloster, Paula Rebecca Wasser (1893, Hatton ND-1983, Yolo CA) Painter, sculptor and leading art educator, was for many years on Arizona State College (University) faculty in Tempe beginning 1928; credited with starting founding collection of future ASU Art Museum. In 1930, won exhibition prize with Phoenix Fine Art Association. AAB, FAL
Knopf, Nellie Augusta (1875, Chicago IL-1962, Lansing MI) Deaf, five-feet tall, and landscape artist, was self-described as having done "miles of paintings" in the Southwest including Arizona beginning 1923. AAB
Knox, Susan Ricker (1874, Portsmouth NH-1959, Concord NH) Spent winters in Mesa, Arizona; painted In Salt River Valley and Pima Family, which was exhibited in 1932 with National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors; exhibited 1932 and 1935 with "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, FEC, KOV
Kock, Winnifred R. (1881, Illinois- AZ) Listed in 'Arizona Artists' oil and watercolor painting sections of 1925, 1927 and 1929 State Fair exhibitors. Titles included A Desert Spring, Florence, and Canyon Lake. Was interior decorator and furniture salesperson in Phoenix, and wife of architect, Anton Kock. ANC, ASF
Krehbiel, Dulah Marie Evans (1875, Oscaloosa-1951, Evanston IL, IA) "Golden Age" illustrator, painter and photographer, arrived in Arizona in 1900 as one of first women artists from Illinois. With her sister Mayetta, she went to Phoenix via Santa Fe Railroad connection from north to Maricopa. In 1905 returned as a Santa Fe Railroad sponsored photographer. AAB
Kurt, Evaleen Elizabeth (1905, Kansas-1997, San Diego CA) Exhibited Arizona Desert 1927 at San Diego Fine Art Gallery. HUG

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