Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Eastwood, Alice (1859, Toronto, ONT-1953, San Francisco CA) A pre-eminent botanist of the western United States and Curator of Botany at the California Academy of Sciences, she did extensive touring, often camping and traveling by horseback. After the 1906 California earthquake, she visited Arizona, Utah, Alaska and Idaho.  AAB
Eaton, Elanor (See Colburn, Elanor Ruth)
Edgerly, Beatrice Edna Macpherson (1898, Washington DC-1973, Tucson AZ) An illustrator, fine art painter, and teacher, she was in Tucson by 1937, moved there about 1941, and in 1947 with artist-husband John Macpherson and her studio partner, Charles Golden, founded Southern Arizona School of Art. She served as co-director from 1947 to 1964. Among her paintings were Storm in Arizona and Desert Night. AAB, KOV
Eliot, Duval Ruby Bearden (1909, Arkansas-1990, Tujunga CA) Commercial artist and men's fashion illustrator, in 1934, eloped to Kingman and had Grand Canyon camping honeymoon; later camped at Hopi and Navajo reservations. AAB
Emeree, Berla Lyone (1899, Wichita KS-1948, El Paso TX) Fearless, adventurous, independent, she often camped out. During 1934 Arizona car trip, she 'bought' gas by trading paintings, and working near Prescott, got lost and had to be rescued. Exhibited paintings in 1927 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs ASF, KOV, POW
Ensign, Bessie E. Wyker (1895, New York-) Daughter of E.H. and Anna Ensign, moved to Phoenix as a child; Second Prize winner for Water Colors in 1917 Arizona State Fair for entry titled Nasturtiums; married Robert Wyker and moved to Pasadena by 1930s; ANC, ASF
Erwin, Margaret (See Schevill, Margaret Erwin)
Estill, Ella Robinson Howard (1861, Pima AZ-1941, Los Angeles CA) Before move to California in 1921, lived eighteen years in Arizona at Pima, Oracle, and Tucson; For Smithsonian Institution created numerous watercolor dessert floral and cactus paintings. HUG, KOV
Etzweiler, Beula (1889, PA-1983, Phoenix AZ) Painter and potter, lived in Phoenix, married to Albert Etzweiler, she is listed in 'Arizona Artists' category of 1929 Arizona State Fair with Still Life painting; exhibited in 1933 and 1934 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts," AAAC, ANC, ASF
Evans, Dulah Marie Krehbiel (See Krehbiel, Dulah Marie Evans)

Evans, Jessie Benton (1866, Uniontown OH-1954, Phoenix AZ) Resident of Phoenix from Chicago by 1913, she bought 80 acres at base of Camelback Mountain. Had much prominence as a painter of desert landscapes and as hostess to hundreds of visitors. Had paintings in 1927-1933 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibitions, and in the Arizona State Fair, 1917, 1920, 1925, 1928 and 1929. Elected to Arizona Women's Hall of Fame. AAAC, AAB, AHS, ASF
Evans, Mabel Weldon (See Downard, Mabel Weldon Evans)
Everett, Louise (See Nimmo, Louise Everett)
Everett, Mary Orwig (1876, Mifflinburg PA-1948, Los Angeles CA) Mother of Louise Everett and student of William Merritt Chase and Charles Hawthorne, exhibited oil painting, Sketching in an Old Garden, in 1927 Arizona State Fair. ASF, HUG
Fabian, Lydia Dunham (1867, Charlotte MI-1947, Chicago IL) Active in Santa Fe but 'stepped across border' to Arizona for her painting entry, Hopi Girl with Plaque, at 1917 opening exhibition of Museum of New Mexico. DAW
Farish, Jane E (1905, Phoenix, AZ-?) Childhood was in Phoenix, and career was in California where she attended the University of California at Los Angeles. By1932, she was an art teacher in Santa Monica. ANC, HUG
Fay, Margaret Cardwell Howard (1889, Nebraska-1971, Arizona) Nebraska born and living in Flagstaff. Married to Herbert Burton Fay, she exhibited paintings of Superstition Mountain and Oraibi in 1929 and 1933 at "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, ANC
Feltman, Alyce Elaine (See Hudspeth, Alyce Elaine)
Fennemore, Lola (Lulu) Mathews (1896, KY-?) Resident of Globe, Arizona by 1920 and married to Franklin Sloan Matthews, she was exhibitor at 1929 Arizona State Fair with entry, The Black Prince. By 1930s, was in Brewster, Texas. ANC, ASF, AZL
Fenyes, Eva Scott Muse (1846, New York City-1930, Pasadena CA) Noted fine art painter, historian and philanthropist, her California residence property is now the Pasadena Historical Society. Traveling by horseback and wagon, painting hundreds of historic structures including California missions and also sketched scenes in Arizona. AAB, HUG, KOV
Ferdon, Patricia (1909, St. Paul MN-1987, Tucson AZ) Traveling from Ohio during summers of 1929 to World War II, followed archaeologist brother Edwin Ferdon, Jr. to Southwest; in 1942, completed painting titled Apache Devil Dancer. KOV
Ferguson, Alice Leczinska (1880, DC-1951, DC) Painter married in 1914 to geologist Henry Gardiner Ferguson, she accompanied him from time of marriage to mid 1930s to sparsely inhabited destinations including Arizona, which she recalled in her painting Tucson. KOV
Ferguson, Lillian Gertrude Prest (1869, Windsor ONT-1955, Laguna Beach CA) Well traveled California painter and ceramist, she owned the first pottery kiln in Laguna Beach. In 1917 Arizona State Fair exhibited oil painting, Sand Dunes and Reflections. ASF, HUG
First Frog Woman (See Naha, Pagua)
Flake, Eloise (1906, Snowflake AZ-1966, Tooele UT) Exhibited oil paintings in Arizona Artists sections of 1925 and 1928 State Fairs. Titles included Rocky Rojo Lake and Old Well. ASF
Fly, Mollie Edith Goodrich (1847, Illinois-1925, Los Angeles CA) Earliest documented female photographer in Arizona and elected to Arizona Hall of Fame. Married Camilllus "Buck" Fly and opened studios in Tombstone, 1880, and Phoenix, 1892; with him created frontier photo portraits including only known photos of Geronimo's surrender. ANC, AAB, AHS, AZL, ROW
Forbes, Helen Katherine (1891, San Francisco CA-1945, San Francisco CA) Extensive art training in California and Europe and painter of "rugged western themes." Summer of 1925 painted at Grand Canyon, but mostly focused on California, Nevada and New Mexico. KOV
Forbes, Laura Q. (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibited three floral paintings in 'Secondary Gallery' of 1927 State Fair. ASF
Forest, Isabelle Shull (1864, Chatham ENG-1934, Prescott AZ) Arrived in 1873 with wagon train; lived in Prescott where she and husband, John Shull, ran Plaza Livery Stables; taught oil, watercolor and china painting; exhibited in State Fairs of 1920, 1928 and 1929. Had entries in 1931 Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts exhibit. AAAC, ASF, SHA
Fountain, Grace Russell (1858 Yreka, CA-1942, Oakland CA) Landscape painter, illustrator and art teacher from Oregon and California, entered Grand Canyon painting in 1921 California Palace of Fine Art Exhibition. HUG
Francis, L. L. (See Lovell, Laurette Francis)

Frazer, Mabel Pearl (1887, West Jordan UT-1982, Salt Lake City UT) Modernist painter and Utah University art teacher, completed Sunrise, North Rim Grand Canyon in 1928. AAB, KOV
Fry, Georgia Timken (1864, St. Louis MO-1921, Peking, CHI) Landscape painter from New York, visited father in California and took trips to Arizona. Exhibited three Grand Canyon paintings in Maine at Poland Art Gallery in Maine 1907 and 1916. KOV
Fry, Margaret Howard (Early 20th, AZ) Landscape painter married to Joseph Fry, lived in Globe and Phoenix and participated in Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts exhibit. ANC, AAAC
Frye Helen Virginia Varner Vanderbilt (1908, Clarksburg WV-1979, Sedona AZ) Artist, fashion designer, millener, photographer, sculptor, portrait painter and pilot; married Jack Frye, co-founder of TWA Airlines with Howard Hughes. In 1941, with 700 acres created Frye Ranch (now Red Rock State Park) at Sedona where lived remainder of her life. AAB
Gilliland, Beatrice S. (Early 20th, AZ) From Coconino and Yuma counties, was statewide leader of American Legion Auxiliary and an artist. Entered oil painting Kings River Canyon in "Arizona Artists" Landscape Oil Painting section of 1920 Arizona State Fair, and Grand Canyon paintings in 1927 State Fair. ANC, ASF
Gilliland, Mrs. R.P. (See Gilliland, Beatrice S.)
Gleason, Elizabeth (1875, Clymer NY-1957, Huntington Park CA) Art teacher and landscape painter; taught in Flagstaff before moving in 1909 to Whittier, California. HUG
Goddard, Florence Marian (1880, Mitchell IA-1954, Los Angeles CA) California printmaker, etcher and teacher, exhibited water color, pottery and print in 1925 Arizona State Fair. ASF, HUG
Goodrich, Catherine Rebecca Hulda Woolston (1871, Netcong NJ-1947, Princeton NJ) Painter of desert landscapes and teacher, was in Tucson briefly early 1900s as University of Arizona art student with mining engineer husband, Robert Goodrich. In 1938 to 1946, spent retirement years in Tucson. KOV
Goodrich, Mary Edith (See Fly, Mollie)
Grace, Louise Natalie (1875, New York City-1954, North Hills NY) From Long Island, did floral and wildlife paintings of Arizona in 1937 according to Arizona Daily Star newspaper, November 28th. KOV
Granger, Caroline Scoval Gibbons (1889, Pittsburgh PA-1949, Madison WI) Philadelphia portrait painter, primarily of Blackfeet Indians; beginning 1926, was often in Southwest; her exhibitions between 1927 and 1944 included Navajos. KOV
Grasham, Olive Emma Cage (1899, Phoenix AZ-1937, Phoenix AZ) Married to Arizona rancher John G. Grasham, and lived in Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale; listed in Arizona Artists section of 1925 Arizona State Fair catalogue for three oil landscape paintings including Yosemite National Park. ANC, ASF

Graves, Martha Primrose Dillard (1873, Sivells Bend TX-1966, Riudoso NM) Lived in El Paso and Ysleta, Texas; then in 1930s lived in Wickenburg, Arizona where painted nearby historical sites; married to Milton St. John Graves. ANC, KOV, POW
Greaves, Minnie Sarensen (See Greaves, Mrs. J.A.)
Greaves, Mrs. J.A. (Early 20th, AZ) From Winslow, full name was Minnie Sarensen Greaves but with signature of Mrs. J.A. Greaves, submitted paintings to Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibitions of Arizona Arts and Crafts; included were Navajo Indian image in 1931; landscape in 1932, and portrait of a boy in 1933. AAAC, ANC

Greenwood, Marion (1909, New York City-1970, Woodstock NY) Painter, lithographer, and muralist for WPA and Mexican government; in 1931 made first of several Southwest trips to paint Navajo Indian subjects. AAB
Grosse, Garnet Davy Davis (Mrs. L.S.) (1879, Genda KS-1961, Scottsdale AZ) California and Arizona desert scene painter; exhibited at 1917 State Fair, Scottsdale Society of Artists, 1937, and 1935 at "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC, AAB, ASF
Grosse, Mrs. L.S. (See Grosse, Garnet Davy Davis)
Gump, Elanor Ruth Eaton (See Colburn, Elanor Ruth Eaton)

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