Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Cahill, Katherine Kavanaugh (1884, Four Oaks KY-1962, Phoenix AZ) In Globe with family before 1917, returned for childbirth in 1923, and during next twelve years, divided time between Arizona and southern California. Exhibited in 1920 and 1927 Arizona State Fairs, and in 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC, ASF, KOV
Calder, Nanette Lederer (1866, Milwaukee WI-1960, New Milford CT) Philadelphia painter of portraits, landscapes and Indian subjects, she spent 1905 and 1906 in Oracle, Arizona. She was with sculptor-husband, Alexander Sterling Calder, whose health needed the dry climate. DAW, HUG
Campbell, Myrtle Hoffman (1886, Columbus NE-1978, Boulder CO) In 1920s occasionally painted in Arizona, doing sketches for later studio work. KOV
Cannon, Jennie Vennerstrom (1869, Albert Lea MN-1952, Tucson AZ) A painter of Arizona desert and other landscape scenes including the Grand Canyon, she was in Tucson from 1905 to 1918, and died there in 1952. KOV
Carl, Hattie (1866, Hopi, AZ-1970, Hopi AZ) Hopi Indian potter and centenarian, was first to use ID marker instead of signature. AAB
Carlstedt, Margaret Frieda South 1895, Julietta, ID-1975, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Married in Bisbee, Arizona in 1918 to Marshal South and lived in Douglas because of his army duties at Camp Henry J. Jones. The couple often painted desert scenes together. Divorced after two years; married Augusto Carlstedt, and lived rest of her life in southern California. Known for impressionist coastal and desert scene paintings. AAB
Carmack, Effie Lee (1886, Kentucky-1974, San Luis Obispo, CA) Married to Henry Carmack and lived on Navajo reservation in Winslow, Arizona by early 1900s; entered landscape paintings in 1927 Arizona State Fair; in 1934 had entry in "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibition. AAAC, ANC, ASF
Cartwright, Isabel Branson (1885, Coatesville CA-1966, Ross CA) Close friend of Mary-Russell and Harold Colton, founders of the Museum of Northern Arizona at Flagstaff, she stayed with them in 1916 and 1927. From her first trip, she exhibited five paintings at the 1916 Arizona State Fair. ASF, MAN
Cason, Mabel Bell (1892, Corpus Christi TX-1965, Redding CA) Western book illustrator active in California, Texas and Arizona, exhibited landscapes and still life in 'Arizona Artists' section of 1927 and 1928 State Fairs. ASF, KOV
Chain, Helen Henderson (1849, Indianapolis, IN-1892, China Sea) Colorado's best known early woman artist, she was nicknamed 'Trot' for her love of travel; she, along with her husband, were lost in the China Sea on a two-year trip around the world. Nine years earlier as a painter of mountains, pueblos, mining camps and animals, she was in Arizona and "more than likely, she was the first woman to sketch the Grand Canyon on location." KOV
Chapella, Grace (White Squash Blossom) (1874, Tewa Village AZ-1988, Tewa Village AZ) In Arizona Women's Hall of Fame; called The White Pottery Lady; lived 107 years; learned pottery skills from Nampeyo of Hano. AHS, AZL, SCH
Charlie, Lena (1888, Polacca AZ-1978, Polacca AZ) A master potter, known on Hopi Reservation as Corn Woman, created black and red designs on yellow jars and canteens. Work is in Museum of Northern Arizona and Heard Museum. SCH
Chittenden, May Jordan (See Chittenden, Mrs. Ross) 
Chittenden, Mrs. Ross (1890, Missouri-) With maiden name of May Jordon, married to Ross Armour Chittenden, water pumper for the Steam Rail Road based in Prescott; exhibited landscape paintings in 1916 State Fair where won honorable mention in the Oil Painting category. ANC, ASF
Churchman, Isabelle Schultz (1896, Baltimore MD-1988, Chula Vista CA) From Baltimore, moved to San Diego as WPA sculptor; married artist Edwin Churchman; in early 1940s, lived with him at Blythe, Arizona, where he was Ag Inspector and built a four foot tall onyx sculpture of St. Frances for Francis Parker School in San Diego. SAN
Cioban, Clara MacGowan (See MacGowan, Clara Cioban)

Clark, Mary Helene Andersen (1910, Chicago IL-1994, Springville NY) Well-known in Illinois for the allegorical figure sculptures, Peace and Harvest, she joined the art faculty of the University of Arizona in 1941. AAB
Clark, Sally Harfield (1883, NYC-1981, NYC) World record lion shooter, taxidermist and sculptor, spent much time in 1930s doing wildlife studies in Africa and Arizona KOV
Cleaver, Alice Eliza (1870, Racine WI-1944, Falls City, NE) Long-time resident of Nebraska, she was a Santa Fe Railroad sponsored artist to Arizona and New Mexico in 1905 and 1908. From visits to pueblos and the Grand Canyon, she created paintings, which were showcased at the Canyon's El Tovar Hotel and which were purchased for The Santa Fe Railroad Collection. DUN, KOV, STR
Close, Marjorie Perry (1899, Chloride AZ-1978, San Francisco CA) Born in Arizona mining town; spent most of her life in California as trompe l'oeil painter. HUG
Colburn, Elanor Ruth Gump (1866, Dayton OH-1939, Laguna Beach CA) In 1927, began trips from Laguna Beach to paint Arizona subjects. Her painting, In the Hogan, reflects her time on the Navajo Reservation. KOV
Cole, Blanche Dougan (1869, Richmond IN-1956, Los Angeles CA) Portrait, western scene, and landscape painter, was sponsored by Santa Fe Railroad in 1898 to stay on Moquis (Hopi) Reservation long enough to create images for the Railroad's passenger guidebooks. The Santa Fe Railroad Collection had eight of her canvases. HUG, KOV
Coleman, Marion Drewe (1867, Sydney AUS-1950, Oakland CA) From 1906 was serious painter of the West including "Hopi of Arizona." DAW
Colter, Mary Elizabeth (1869, Pittsburgh PA-1958, Santa FE NM) Unique as a female architect and described as a "chain smoking perfectionist," worked for Fred Harvey Company, completing 21 projects including La Posada Hotel at Winslow, and six designs for the Grand Canyon: Phantom Ranch, Hopi House, Hermit's Rest, Lookout Studio, Desert Watchtower, and Bright Angel Lodge. Elected to Arizona Women's Hall of Fame AHS, WIK
Colton, Mary-Russell Ferrell (1889, Louisville KY-1971, Phoenix AZ) Museum of Northern Arizona founder; honeymooned in AZ in 1912 and settled in Flagstaff in 1924. Organized Museum of Northern Arizona Exhibition: "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts"; Paintings in 1927, 1928 and 1929 State Fairs. AAAC, ASF, AZL, HUB, KOV, TRE
Conger, Nancy Adaline Price (1877, Downey, CA-1955, Arizona) As a child moved with family to Arizona from California and stayed until late 1920s; self-taught desert landscape painter. "Wanting one last look at Arizona, she died while visiting Globe in 1955." HUG
Cooke, Dorothea Gramatky (1908, Hollywood CA-2001, Westport CT) Won 1929 State Fair painting prize and also entered three sketches: Apablasa Street, Backyard Diplomacy and The Gossips; married to artist Hardie Gramatky. AAB, ASF, HUG
Cooke, Ethel M. (1887, Springfield OH-1976, Springfield OH) Widely traveled impressionist painter "known for small brushy vignettes" painted on panel; in 1924 set up easel at Grand Canyon. KEN
Cooper, Lela Mary (1901, AZ-1985, Duncan AZ) Married to Benjamin Sherman Cooper, listed in Arizona Artists category of 1929 State Fair exhibitors; submitted landscape oil paintings and photographs. ANC, ASF
Corbell, Anna Miller (1895-1993) From Tempe, exhibited in 1927, 1928, and 1929 State Fairs and submitted oil paintings Superstition and Flower Study; had entries in 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, and 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, ASF
Corder, Elene Moffatt Brooks (1897, Minden NE-1964, Silver City NM) Pastel painter born in Nebraska but spent much of her life in Arizona and New Mexico. Her painting, The Apache, reflected time among those native Arizonans. DUN
Corn Woman (See Charlie, Lena)
Cory, Kate Thomson (1861, Waukegan IL-1958, Prescott AZ) From 1905 to 1912, lived among Hopi Indians; took over 600 photographs and did many paintings including Arizona Desert, which was exhibited in 1913 New York Armory Show. Had painting entries in 1929, 1934, and 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts," and exhibited in 1916, 1927 and 1929 State Fairs. AAAC, ASF, TRE
Couse, Virginia Walker (1860, Zena OR-1929, Albuquerque NM) In 1903 spent six weeks at Hopi with painter-husband Eanger Couse; attended Snake Dance ceremony; bought pot from Nampeyo of Hano, whom Virginia described as "a good friend of ours." (83) KRA
Coutts, Alice Grey Hobbs (1879, Surrey ENG-1973, Piedmont CA) Was in Southwest often from 1904 to 1917; "pitched a tent" among Hopi for on-site painting of women and child portraits. KOV
Cowan, Elsie (See Scott, Elsie Cowan)
Cowden, Minnie Reed (1893, Alliance NE-1942, Phoenix AZ) From western Nebraska, lived in Arizona where married to Ray Cowden, prominent businessman and cattle rancher. Painted landscapes and portraits; member of Phoenix Fine Art Association and elected to Arizona Artist Guild; Second Prize winner for pottery in 1916 Arizona State Fair and had oil painting entries in 1927 and 1928 State Fairs. AAA, ASF, DUN
Cox, Agnes Jean Campbell (1891, Bakersfield CA-1976, Berkeley CA) An interior designer and deaf from childhood, she was a graduate student beginning 1913 at Arizona State University; from 1918 to 1920, with the first of her five husbands she lived in Tucson, seeking clear air. AAB, HUG
Cox, Teresa (1914, Phoenix-1985, Laveen AZ) Entered landscape paintings including Superstition Mountain in 1928 State Fair; married Harry Tompkins in 1932. ANC, ASF
Craig, Edna L. (Early 20th, AZ) Painter and batik artist from Williams, exhibited 'Crayon Batik' and floral landscape paintings in 1932 exhibition, "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC
Crawford, Esther Mabel (1872, Atlanta GA-1958, San Gabriel CA) Art teacher, block printer, and painter with schooling in London, New York, and Cincinnati, was in Arizona and New Mexico after 1911; exhibited graphic art at 1916 State Fair. ASF, KOV
Crider, Ruth Talley (Early 20th, AZ/CA) Listed with a photograph, Yosemite, and metal works in 'Arizona Artists' category of 1929 State Fair ASF
Critcher, Catharine Carter (1868, Audley VA-1964, Blackstone VA) Active painter in Taos and Washington DC; exhibited Indian Family at 1927 State Fair; spent two months in 1928 at Hopi Mesa. ASF, KOV, SAM
Cundell, Nora Lucy Mowbray (1889, London ENG-1948, Windsor, ENG) Began series of Arizona trips from England in 1934, lodging at Marble Canyon; exhibited eight desert scene paintings at London Royal Academy, 1936-1941; also painted floral still life and figures. AAB, FEC, KOV
Curtis, Ida Maynard (1860, Lewisburg PA-1959, Carmel CA) Painter of portraits and landscape, lived most of her 99 years in Carmel; exhibited paintings in 1920, 1928 and 1929 State Fairs. ASF, KOV
Curtis, Rosa (1894, Auckland NZ-1960, Espanola, NM) In Santa Fe by 1916, had special interest in Navajos; in 1932 did painting titled Navajo Country. KOV
Daggs, Mary Kloss (1898, Meridian, AZ-1969, El Cajon CA) Born in Arizona Territory near current Avondale to Annie Kloss and Peru Paxton Daggs, became a painter and teacher in California. In 1918, was charter member of Laguna Beach Art Association. Married in Casa Grande, August 1926. ANC, HUG, WIK
Dann, Anna Katherine Skeele (See Skeele, Anna Katherine Dann)
Darling, Marjory Madden Adams (1897, Portland OR-1984, Laguna Beach CA) In late teens was taken to Phoenix for tuberculosis; then no record of her there until 1963 when won first prize at State Fair. HUG
Davis, Carrie B. (Early 20th, AZ) Portrait photographer, had six entries in 1917 State Fair, winning second prize for Portrait of a Boy. ASF
Davis, Cornelia Stuart (1868, Cleves OH-1920, Cincinnati OH) Had strong ties to Arizona where honeymooned on Indian Reservations in 1897 and has work in Santa Fe Railway and Hubbell Trading Post collections. BLU, DAW, KOV, SAM
Davis, Frances (See Whittemore, Frances Davis)
Davis, Mary Klass (See Daggs, Mary Klass)
Dean, Beatrice (1901, Indiana-) Resident of Phoenix and wife of La Roy Dean; listed in 'Arizona Artists' category of 1929 Arizona State Fair with oil paintings Giant Palo Verde and Mexican Child. ANC, ASF
Dean, Eva Ellen (1871, Storm Lake IA-1954, Los Angeles CA) Profession painter, illustrator, newspaper editor, and art teacher, settled in California but from 1928 to 1930, was in Tucson as teacher at University of Arizona; often returned to the area from where paintings included The Tucson Desert and San Xavier Mission. KOV
Delano, Annita (1894, Hueneme CA-1979, Los Angeles CA) Leading edge California modernist painter, art professor and museum curator, spent 28 summers in Arizona where state archives have large collection of her paintings from late 1920s. AAA, HUG, KOV, TRE
DeMund, Fay (Hamilton) (1899, Kansas-) Won Honorable Mention at 1916 State Fair for oil paintings including Scene in Papago Park and View on Salt River. ASF
Deutsch, Edith Fetterman (1912, Cleveland OH-2006, Davis CA) "Widowed, she moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1940". HUG
Dohlman, Mrs. Billy (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibited figure photographs and animal sketches in 1929 State Fair, and Grand Canyon scenes in 1930 "Arizona Artists Art and Crafts" exhibit. AAAC, ASF
Dooner-Phillips, Claire (1887, Los Angeles CA-1960, Prescott AZ) With sophisticated art education in California and New York, married Kervin Phillips and from 1922, lived in Prescott, Arizona; Had paintings in Arizona State Fairs 1928 and 1929, and in 1930-1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibit. AAB, AAAC, ASF, FEL
Doud, Minnie R. (early 20th AZ) With watercolor and two oil landscape paintings, listed in exhibition catalogue of 1929 State Fair. ASF
Dowiatt, Dorothy (1903, Pittsburgh PA-1976, Toulumne County CA) Modernist painter of portraits and still life, and etcher, exhibited artwork in 'Figure' category at State Fairs, 1928 (First Prize) and 1930 (Second Prize). ASF, HUG
Downard, Mabel Weldon (1888, Caldwell OK-1981, San Diego AZ) From San Diego, exhibited painting, In Balboa Park, San Diego, at 1929 Arizona State Fair. ASF, HUG
Draper, Via Walling (1892-Perth KS, 1968, Tucson AZ) Seasonal desert landscape and mining scene painter, as young woman, came from Oklahoma to paint in Arizona; in 1917, moved permanently to Tucson with professor husband, William Draper. Exhibited at Arizona State Fair and Tucson Art Association. CRG, KOV
Dukes, Katherine Keeler (1892, Texas -1991, Los Angeles CA) Painter and longtime public school teacher in Los Angeles, exhibited paintings at 1915 Arizona State Fair. With two marriages, had last names of Keeler and McAvoy. HUG
Dunlap, Helena Adele (1876, Los Angeles CA-1955, Whittier CA) An aggressively modernist California painter with sophisticated art education, she received 'Honorable Mention' at 1916 Arizona State Fair for oil painting, and a 'Figure Painting First Prize' for In the Senora's Garden. ASF, KOV
Duquette, Lillian Mae Huffman (1892, Boomer TWP, IA-San Gabriel CA) Arizona visitor in 1938, returned to Omaha and won Joslyn Memorial Museum Society of Liberal Arts Award for her painting, The Desert Near Tucson. KOV
Durfee, Mildred Lucille (1908, Mt Pleasant MI-1964, Ventura CA) Student at Arizona State Teachers College in 1940, became teacher and Art Director for Phoenix public schools. FAL
Dykes, Lorraine C. (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibitor of genre sketch, The Harvesters, in 'Black and White' section of 1916 Arizona State Fair. ASF

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