Arizona Women Artists Active Before 1945: Painters, Sculptors, Potters, Printmakers, Illustrators, Quilters

By Lonnie Pierson Dunbier



Abbott, Mary Ogden (1894, Concord MA-1981, Concord MA) Backpacked Grand Canyon in 1921; paintings included The Canyon Bright Angel. KOV, MAS
Abdy, Rowena Fischer Meeks (1887, Vienna AUS-1945, San Francisco CA) ; to paint used special studio-outfitted sedan; exhibited in 1925 Arizona State Fair. AAB, ASF
Adams, Sadie (1905, Tewa Village AZ-1995, Tewa Village AZ) Active potter 1930 to 1981; Worked at Hubbell Trading Post. BLA, HAY, SAV, SCH
Aden, Rose Potter (1892, Pennsylvania) Resident of Phoenix and married to H.J. Aden, was cited in May 1923 article, "Arizona Artists" of The Arizona Teacher and Home Journal by May Noble ANC, NOB
Alcorn, Rowena Elizabeth (1905, Tacoma WA-1996, Tacoma WA) Known for Nez Perce Indians subjects, from apparent Arizona visit did life-size painting of Navajo girl dated 1928. KOV
Allen, Marion Boyd (1862, Boston MA-1941, Boston MA) Between 1933 and 1936, her letters tell "of 250 to 1,000 mile drives across the desert and the scaling of long ladders to reach native ruins." Paintings include HopiPointand Grand Canyon. KOV
Alvarez, Mabel (1891, Wailua HI-1985, Los Angeles CA) Prominent California modernist, exhibited still-life painting in 1928 State Fair. AAB, ASF
Anderson, Alice Sloane (1888, South Orange NJ-1961, St. Huberts NY) In Castle Hot Springs, Arizona winters of 1935 and 1936, she lived between there and New York, where in 1936 she exhibited three Arizona paintings at Kleeman Galleries. KOV
Anderson, E.A. (See Smith, Effie Anderson)
Anderson, Ruth Bernice (1914, Indianapolis IN-2002 Indianapolis IN) Hoosier still life and landscape painter; was in Tucson for first of several visits in 1937. COL, NEW
Andres, Anna Walahart (1879, SWI-1963, Prescott AZ) Arrived in Prescott from Colorado shortly after her marriage to Matthew Andres in 1898. They established a cigar factory and she, a prolific seamstress, completed a crazy quilt from her original design with the initials AW and MA for her and her husband. She was also needlework teacher of her daughter, famous quilter Emma Andres. ANC, GRE
Andres, Emma (1902, Prescott AZ-1988, Prescott AZ) A quilter to "keep busy hands while sitting her parents Prescott cigar store, she created her own designs with desert mountains, cactus and swastikas. When she depicted them before the rise of Adolf Hitler, they were just tribal symbols of the four directions. CAR, GER, GRE
Annett, Ina Agnes (1901, Cleveland, OK-1990, Norman OK) Oklahoma University art teacher, did 1939 painting, Black Peaks in Arizona. AAB
Anonymous Un-documentable female artists because left works unsigned, used initials only, signed first names as 'Mrs. and/or used pseudonyms.
Antone, Ruth (1915, Maricopa AZ-1984, Laveen AZ) In 1930s made 'bulbous' red-duck bowl and effigy vessels, and in 1940 exhibited at Arizona State Fair. ANC, HAY
Archer, Annie Mililani (1870, Honolulu, HI-1942, Tucson AZ) Tucson Palette and Brush Club founder; work in 1927, 1928 and 1929 State Fairs; and 1930 in "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts", Museum of Northern Arizona. AAB, AAAC, ASF
Archer, Hazel Larsen (1921, Tucson AZ-2001, Tucson AZ) Painter, teacher and photographer, was in wheelchair from polio. Career was primarily in North Carolina at Black Mountain College but later returned to birth state of Arizona. AAB
Armer, Laura May Adams (1874, Sacramento CA-1963, Humboldt County CA) In 1923 made Navajo documentary, The Mountain Chant, while staying at Hubbell Trading Post. Exhibited, 1929 State Fair. ASF, ASL, DAW, KOV
Arnold, Florence Millner (1900, Prescott AZ-1994, Fullerton CA) Hard-edge style painter born in Arizona; settled on West Coast where had highly distinguished career and where her "shocking," geometric, biomorphic form artwork was better received. AAB
Atwood, Mary Hall (1894, Chicago IL-1950, Glendale CA) Muralist and mapmaker, did Phoenix Rotary Club mural before 1941. DAW, HUG
Avey, Rose H. (early 20th) Art teacher, painter and widow of Edwin Avey, by 1923 lived in Phoenix. Founded Mesa School district fine arts program; figure and desert landscape paintings, photographs, and batik work in 1925, 1928 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs. ANC, AOA, ASF
Baldaugh, Anni Von Westrum (1881, HOL-1953, El Cajon CA) Desert landscape painter, had 1923 prize-winning Phoenix Art Museum exhibition. HUG
Baldwin, Sybil Yazzie (See Yazzie, Sybil Baldwin)
Balfour, Roberta Brown (1871, Yarmouth NS-1940, Carmel CA) Landscapist, had two oil paintings in 1927 Arizona State Fair. AAB, ASF
Ball, Kate Krause (1891, El Paso TX-1973, El Paso TX) Texas painter and teacher, in 1920s and 30s traveled to New Mexico and Arizona where painted Grand Canyon. POW, KOV
Bandle, Bessie Viola (See Johnson, Elizabeth)
Barfoot, Dorothy (1896, Decorah IA-1984, Manhattan KS) Graduated from University of Arizona and became Chair of Kansas State Art Department, 1931-1961. CRG, DAW
Barker, Olive Ruth Carpenter (1885, Chicago IL-1961, Los Angeles CA) California Style watercolorist, was in Arizona in 1930s, painted Tucson and San Xavier Mission. KOV
Barlow, Grace (1902, Shonto AZ-1976, Tonalea AZ) Navajo potter known for simply formed, outdoor-fired ceremonial pots. Taught pottery and marketing techniques to descendants Rose Williams and Alice Cling. ABQ, ANC, WWAW

Barney, Esther Stevens (1885, Indianapolis IN-1969, La Jolla CA) Painter and textile artist, exhibited Portrait of Young Cattleman in 1929 Arizona State Fair. ASF

Barton, Emma Rowena (1898, Ohio-1986, Tucson AZ) In Phoenix by 1920; wife of Clifford Barton; entered oil paintings in 1929 Arizona State Fair, and in "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts" exhibits of 1934 and 1935. AAAC, ANC, FEL
Barton, Loren Roberta (1893, Oxford MA-1975, Pomona CA) Etcher, book illustrator, painter, and Chouinard Art Institute teacher; won a prize in 1922 Arizona Art Exchange exhibit, and entered watercolors in 1927 and 1928 Arizona State Fairs. ASF, HUG
Baskerville, Elizabeth (See McNaughton, Elizabeth B.)
Bassler, Madeleine C. (Early 20th Century) Resident of Phoenix by 1914, and in 1940 married in Pima to John W. Blake; Figure paintings in 1927, 1928 and 1929 Arizona State Fairs including Sketch of Harold Bell Wright, famous novelist. ANC, ASF
Bates, Mrs. Edwin (Early 20th Century, AZ) Ceramist, had Arizona State Fair entry in 1920. ASF
Baxter, Bertha E. Newmier (1891, Indianapolis IN-1988, Indianapolis IN) Active in New York City, Gloucester and Hoosier Salon in Indiana, entered oil landscape painting and watercolor, Gramercy Park, New York, in 1927 Arizona State Fair. AAB, ANC, ASF
Beane, Orra L. (1880, Indiana-1972, Orange CA) In Phoenix by 1910, exhibited landscape paintings in 1927, 1928 and 1929 State Fairs including Kapiolani Park, Hawaii. ASF, HUG
Beats, Rowena F. (Early 20th, AZ) Landscape watercolorist, exhibited in 1917 Arizona State Fair. ASF
Bemis, Mrs. F.C. Operated a tent gallery in Globe about 1885. Name is on Vintage Photos website list of "Arizona Photographers 1850-1920", and in Betsy Fahlman's Essay, "Making the Cultural Desert Bloom." FDU
Benepe, Katharine Buzzell Shackelford (1899, Fort Benton MO-1988-Ventura CA) March 1936 had landscape painting exhibition at Chandler's San Marcos Hotel. HUG, FAL
Bennett, Anna G. (AZ, early 20th) In 1928 and 1929 State Fairs, submitted oil paintings including Camelback. ASF
Bennett, Ruth Manerva (1899, Momence, IL-1960, Los Angeles, CA) Exhibited in Arizona State Fairs of 1927, 1928 and 1929. ASF, HUG
Beran, Anna Marie Karnik (1890, Howells NE-1969, Omaha NE) Long time Nebraskan, was muralist and painter including Grand Canyon, entered in December 1930 Art Institute of Omaha exhibit. AAB, DAW
Betts, Grace May (1883, New York City-1978, Yucaipa CA) Arizona visitor from 1920s known for Indian figure and landscape painting; in 1929 Santa Fe Railroad collection added two of her paintings. DAW, KOV, HUG
Bickel, Nell Rhodes (See McCoy, Nell Rhodes Bickel)
Billington, Inez (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibited painting titled Happy Moments in 1927 Arizona State Fair. Lived in Phoenix and listed in 1928 City Directory with businesses "Unique Tailoring" and "Unique Gown Shop." ANC, ASF
Bintliff, Martha Bradshaw (1869, Superior WI-1947, St. Paul MN) From Wisconsin, New York, and California as landscape and portrait painter was also active desert-scene painter in area of Tucson, Arizona. HUG, KOV
Blackshear, Kathleen (1897, Navasota TX-1988, Navasota TX) Between 1926-1961, was professor of art history at Chicago Art Institute. In 1918 she worked in Los Angeles as a commercial artist and did sketching in Arizona when traveling back and forth to her home in Texas. She continued these visits on summer trips from Chicago. DAW, KOV, POW
Blake, Beth Mael MacLafferty (1901, El Paso TX-1993, Oakland, CA) Painter, graphic artist and teacher, was Art Director of Jokake School for Girls in Scottsdale by 1940; had entries in Arizona State Fairs of 1925, 1927, 1928 and 1929, and in exhibitions of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts in 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1935. AAAC, ASF, POW
Blake, Madeleine Bassler (See Bassler, Madeleine Blake)
Blakeslee, Florence (1891-1965, CA) Phoenix WPA artist in the 1930s, created 23 sculptured reliefs for Arizona State Fair grandstand; Exhibited in 1934 and 1935 "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC, BIC
Blos, Maybelle Elizabeth Nissen (1906, Sebastopol CA-1991, Berkeley CA) WPA designer and illustrator for National Park Service, 1936-1938, working in Arizona at Tumacacori Historic Park and Coronado Memorial at Hereford. On later travels with artist husband Peter Blos, did crayon landscapes of Arizona Indian Country including scenes of Hopi Butte and Kayenta. KOV
Blue, Thelma Stone (1904, Phoenix AZ) In 1928 Arizona State Fair, exhibited painting, Superstition Mountain; married John Harvey Stone in 1929 and lived in Yavapai County. ANC, ASF
Blumenschein, Helen Greene (1909, NYC-1989, Taos NM) Living in Taos by 1909; described as "peripatetic" and making "sketching trips to the desert country of Arizona." KOV
Blumve, Edna M (Early 20th) Teacher and painter from Los Angeles and Pasadena, exhibited in 1916 Arizona State Fair The Frogs Plead for a King and The Ugly Duckling in monotypes and woodblocks section. ANC, ASF
Boatright, Elizabeth Keefer (1897, Houston TX-1989, Corpus Christi TX) By 1927 was etching among Hopis and Navajos; in 1930s had one-woman show at DC National Museum, which added The Sandpainter-Navajo to its collection. DAW, KOV
Boeckman, Frieda H. (1887, California-1987, Santa Barbara CA) Second prize winner for watercolor landscape, My Cottage by the Sea, was entered in Arizona Artists section of 1920 Arizona State Fair; also exhibited work in 1927 Fair. ASF
Boehm, Marie (Early 20th, AZ) Still life and landscape painter, earned First Prize for watercolor landscape in 1917 State Fair and exhibited four other watercolors and one charcoal drawing. ASF
Bohney, Jessica Eva (1886, O'Neill NE-1970, Los Angeles CA) Painter and educator, was Phoenix Public School Art Supervisor from 1919 to 1922. DAW, DUN
Bolles, Ida Isherman Randall (1861, Lawrence KS-1949, Los Angeles CA) Had sophisticated eastern art education; about 1918 spent a year in Arizona where she painted and investigated a Tungsten Mine, which was owned by her husband near Oatman on Route 66. "A gap in the mountains gave her a view of the beautiful site below and inspired a number of canvases." Exhibited California landscapes in 1929 State Fair. ASF, KOV
Bordwell, Georgia Graves (1877, Petaluma CA-1926, Oakland CA) "Made many sketching trips to Tucson." Had six entries in 1916 State Fair, winning Honorable Mention for painting, Hotel Santa Cruz, Tucson. ASF, HUG
Botke, Jessie Arms (1883, Chicago IL-1971, Santa FE NM) Famous for peacock images, was in Arizona by 1906 as sponsored artist of Santa Fe Railroad, whose collection has her painting, Hopi Indian Life. KOV
Bowles, Caroline Hutchinson (1865, Kansas-1923, Winchester MA) Landscape painter from California, had studio in Arizona where painted Grand Canyon. CRG, HUG, KOV
Bradley, Susan Greenough (1851, Boston MA-1929, Boston MA) World traveler, painted "the Grand Canon in Arizona," which she exhibited in 1911 at the Artists Club of Denver. KOV
Brannigan, Gladys Ames (1882, Hingham MA-1944, New York City) Newspaper artist and painter, exhibited in State Fairs of 1925, 1928 and 1929 including a watercolor on ivory miniature portrait. ASF, FAL
Bread, Agnes (Early 20th, Maricopa Reservation) Original member of 1938 Maricopa Pottery Cooperative, she focused on upgrading quality of pottery. FER, HDE
Brewer, Cora (Early 20th, AZ) Submitted floral still life, portrait and landscape entries in 1927 State Fair. ASF
Brooke, Mary Edith (Early 20th, AZ) In State Fairs, exhibited: Watering the Desert, 1927; Arizona Indian, 1928; and Mysterious Superstition in 1929. ASF, FEL, FAL
Brooke, Mary Edith Seymour (early 20th, AZ/NY) In Arizona, where one of paintings was Superstition Mountain; exhibited in State Fairs of 1927, 1928 and 1929. Became a WPA artist and returned to New York City, where in 1932, she was an exhibiting member of the Society of Independent Artists. AAB, FAL, FEL
Brownfield, Dorothy (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibited Charcoal Sketches in 1916 at Arizona State Fair. ASF
Brunk, Esther Florence (1898, Salem OR-1989, Big Pine CA) Watercolorist, moved to California in 1933, and "often spent winters in Arizona and Mexico." HUG
Buchanan, Ella (1869, Preston CAN-1951, Hollywood CA) Sculptor and sister of painter Luvena Buchanan, was in California by 1915; among her sculptures were Navajo Indian and Zuni Girl. AAB, KOV
Buchanan, Luvena Vysekal (1873, LeMars IA-1954, Los Angeles CA) Modernist painter and sister of Ella Buchanan, had 1920 State Fair entry, figure Russian Dance. HUG, ASF
Bujan, Grace Duncan (1895, Strawberry AZ-1986, San Francisco CA) Arizona-born painter and teacher, settled in California. HUG
Burden, Ellen (Early 20th, AZ) Exhibitor of three oil landscape paintings in 1927 State Fair. ASF
Burkhard, Verona Lorraine (1910, Paris FRA-2004, Grand Junction CO) Inspiration to build adobe retirement Grand Junction home came from Southwest travel including two weeks in Arizona in 1929. AAB, KOV
Burman, Helen (Early 20th, AZ) From Flagstaff, entered landscape paintings and textiles in 1933 and 1934 exhibition, "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts". AAAC
Burns, Pearl Robison (1885, Shoals IN-1958, Texhoma OK) Settled with studio by 1918 in Texhoma and in 1930s was in Arizona painting landscape subjects. KOV
Bushman, Grace Carmack (1913, KY-1984, Ventura CA) Living in Winslow, Arizona, had painting entry named Pea Fowls in 1934 exhibition of "Arizona Artists Arts and Crafts." AAAC, ANC
Butler, Rozellia Oertle (1876, Davenport IA-1948, Los Angeles CA) Of Rozellia it was written: "her 1915 New York exhibit of desert landscapes was from three years by horseback in Arizona. . . .Her only companion was her guide." DAW
Byrne, Juno (Early 20th) Exhibited painting, Grand Canyon, at California Art Club in 1911. HUG

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