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Phase three institution master contact list




Brauer Museum of Art, Valparaiso University D 9/15; Brookgreen Gardens G 9/15; California State Capitol Museum N 9/15; California State University, Dominguez Hills Art Gallery D 9/15; Caramoor House Museum E 9/15; Carnegie Museum of Natural History N 9/15; Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens D 9/15; Castellani Art Museum D, CC 9/15; Cedarhurst Center for the Arts / Mitchell Museum D, CE 9/15; Center for Creative Photography - University of Arizona CC 9/15; Chicago Historical Society N 9/15; Cleveland Museum of Natural History 8/14; C. M. Russell Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Contemporary Museum - Honolulu 8/14; Corcoran Gallery of Art 8/14; Coutts Memorial Museum of Art N 9/15; Cowboy Artists of America Museum N 9/15; CUE Art Foundation D 9/15; Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens N 9/15. count = 16


Dane G. Hansen Museum G 9/15; Davenport Museum of Art (now Figge) 9/14; Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix N 9/15; Discovery Center Museum, Rockford, Il N 9/15; Dougherty Arts Center / Julia Butridge Gallery G 9/15; Dubuque Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Eiteljorg Museum CC, CE, LL 9/15; Ella Sharp Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Elvehjem Museum of Art 9/14; Emerson Gallery at Hamilton College D, CC, CE 9/15; Ethnic Heritage Art Gallery at Seattle Municipal Tower G 9/15; Farmers' Museum N 9/15; Fayetteville Museum of Art 10/14; Fitchburg Art Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Fleischer Museum 10/14; Forbes Magazine Galleries 10/14; Founders Gallery at University of San Diego G 9/15; Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art at Pepperdine University D, CE 9/15; Freeport Art Museum D, CE 9/15; Fresno Metropolitan Museum11/14; Genesee Country Village & Museum CE 9/15; George Segal Gallery, Montclair State University G 9/15; Georgia O'Keeffe Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Gerald R. Ford Museum N 9/15; Gibbes Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Goldman Art Gallery D 9/15; Greenville County Museum of Art CC, CE 9/15; Gulf Coast Museum of Art 12/14. count = 22


Harmsen Museum of Art 1/15; Harn Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Harvard Art Museums L 9/15; Hearst Center for the Arts D, CC, CE 9/15; Hickory Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; High Museum of Art N 9/15; Hillstrom Museum of Art G 9/15; Hockaday Museum of Art D, CE 9/15; Hubbard Museum of the American West G 9/15; Hudson Museum at University of Maine D, CC 9/15; Huntsville Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Illinois State Museum CC 9/15; Independence Seaport Museum D, CC, CE, LL 9/15; Indiana State Museum N 9/15; Indiana University Art Museum D, CC 9/15; International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln G 9/15; Irvine Civic Center - Portfolio Gallery 2/15; Jersey City Museum website not available 9/15; Kinston Arts Center D 9/15; Krasl Art Center D, CC, CE 9/15; Kresge Art Gallery at Olivet College 2/15; Lafayette College Galleries D 9/15; Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences CC 9/15; Las Vegas Art Museum 2/15; Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art N 9/15; Lehigh University Art Galleries D, CC, CE 9/15; Lightner Museum N 9/15; Long Island Museum of Art, History and Carriages D, CE 9/15; Louisiana Arts and Science Museum website not available 9/15; Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Denmark D, CC 9/15. count = 28


Maier Museum of Art D 9/15; Maitland Art Center D, CC, CE 9/15; Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Mariner's Museum N 9/15; MASS MoCA G 9/15; Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum N 9/15; Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University D, CC, CE 9/15; Michigan State University Museum D 9/15; Midwest Museum of American Art N 9/15; Minnetrista N 9/15; Mission San Juan Capistrano N 9/15; Monhegan Museum D 9/15; Muckenthaler Cultural Center D, CC, CE 9/15; Muscatine Art Center N 9/15; Museum of International Folk Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Museum of Northern Arizona D, CC, CE 9/15; Museum of Spanish Colonial Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Museum of Texas Tech University D, CC, E 9/15; Museum of Wisconsin Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Nabisco Gallery 3/15; National Civil Rights Museum CE 9/15; National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum G 9/15; National Scouting Museum G 9/15; National Steinbeck Center 3/15; Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 3/15; Nelson Museum of the West N 9/15; New Mexico History Museum CC, CE 9/15; New Rochelle Council on The Arts - Lumen Winter Gallery - New Rochelle Library 4/15; North Carolina Museum of Art D, CE 9/15; North Carolina Museum of History 4/15; North Dakota Museum of Art E 9/15; Ogunquit Museum of American Art D, CE 9/15; Olaf Wieghorst Museum G 9/15; Orlando Museum of Art website not responsive 9/15; PaineWebber Art Gallery 4/15; Palmer Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Parker Ranch Art Museum 4/15; Parthenon 4/15; Phippen Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Price Tower Arts Center D, CC, CE 9/15; Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site 4/15; count = 38


Rahr-West Art Museum D 9/15; Ritz Gallery at South Dakota State University 4/15; Rockford Art Museum D, CC, CE 9/15; Rockwell Museum G 9/15; R. W. Norton Art Gallery N 9/15; San Diego Art Institute D 9/15; Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center website not responsive 9/15; Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University G 9/15; Sebastopol Center for the Arts D, CE 9/15; Sid Richardson Collection of Western Art 4/15; Silver Eye Center for Photography D 9/15; SITE Santa Fe 4/15; Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration D, CC 9/15; South Carolina State House Art Collection 4/15; South Carolina State Museum N 9/15; South Dakota Art Museum D, CC 9/15; Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Southern Vermont Arts Center D, CE 9/15; Southwest Museum 4/15; Spertus Museum CC 9/15; Springville Museum of Art D 9/15; Stamford Museum and Nature Center CC, CE 9/15; Stephens Museum 9/15; Stetson University, Duncan Gallery of Art 4/15; Strong Museum 4/15. count = 24


Tacoma Art Museum D, CC, CE, L 9/15; Taos Historic Museums D 9/15; Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University D 9/15; Tennessee State Museum G 9/15; Terra Museum of American Art 4/15; Texas State Capitol Historical Art Collection 4/15; Thomas Cole Historic Site N 9/15; Truman Presidential Museum and Library 4/15; Turtle Bay Museum at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park 4/15; Tyler Museum of Art G 9/15; UBS Art Gallery 5/15; University Center Art Gallery / Louisiana State University G 9/15; University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive CC, CE 9/15; University Gallery - University of Massachussetts Amherst N 9/15; University of Iowa Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; University of Louisville, Allen R. Hite Art Institute N 9/15; Van Vechten-Lineberry Taos Art Museum 5/15; Ventura County Maritime Museum 5/15; Ventura County Museum of History and Art D, CC, CE, LL 9/15; Vero Beach Museum of Art D, CC, CE 9/15; Virginia State Capitol Art Collection 5/15; Visual Arts Museum 5/15; Walker Art Center G 9/15; Walter Anderson Museum of Art E 9/15; Weir Farm National Historic Site 5/15; West Bend Art Museum 5/15; Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University N 9/15; William D. Cannon Art Gallery / Carlsbad City Library 5/15; Witte Museum N 9/15; Wyoming State Museum 5/15; York College Galleries D 9/15; Zigler Museum G 9/15. count = 28


Selected from Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies index

Carmel Art Association N 9/15; Guild of Boston Artists 5/15; Hennepin County Historical Society 5/15; Historical Society of Pennsylvania CE 9/15; Kentucky Historical Society D, CE 9/15; Lexington Art League N 9/15; Milwaukee County Historical Society 5/15; North Shore Arts Association 5/15; Ohio Arts Council Riffe GalleryProvidence Art Club D 9/15; Rockport Art Association D 9/15. count = 10


Data on an institution's website limited to names and dates of exhibits, without descriptive text, is considered negligible.

Museums that were not researched due to closure, merger, renaming or for other reasons, do not show links. All institutions named above were the primary source of information for one or more articles or essays published in Resource Library.

Phase three institutions with links =166


Legend for addressees of letters based on contact email address on institutions' websites

Only certain staff member and department names are included as addressees in outreach letters. Appropriate addressees and their identification codes are:

C: Curatorial department (no specific individuals with email addresses)
CC: Chief Curator, Curator, assistant curators and associate curators, *
E: Education department (no specific individuals with email addresses)
CE: Curator of Education, selected associates and assistants such as for docents, academic programs, adult programs. Includes college student education associates and assistants at university museums but excludes K-12 student education assistants at other museums.*
D: Executive Director, Associate Director, Assistant to Executive Director (some Executive Directors do not list their own email addressees)
G: only a general email address for the museum
L: Library (no specific individuals with email addresses)
LL: Librarian and assistants*
N: no email address or low likelihood that the institution presently has a major art exhibit component
R: Research department
RR: Researcher *
* Multiple emails may be sent to members of departments.

Staff members reporting to heads of Curatorial, Education and Library departments may have titles such as Coordinator, Assistant, Associate, etc.

Staff members who never receive emails include employees devoted to Development, Finance, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications, Personnel, Human Resources and Building Services. Also, positions of Preparator, Art Handler and Registrar in the curatorial department do not receive emails.



For phase three of the study, the Director of TFAO is sending letters using his personal name.
In a phase one sample of 100 museums, from Ackland Art Museum through Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, many had multiple email addresses. The Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester yielded ten addresses. Four letters were addressed to only the museum's Director. One letter was addressed to only a department name. For ten museums, letters went to only a general email address for the museum. Eight museums had no email address.
The above CC, CE and LL codes noted after a museum name may reflect multiple email addresses for a department.


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