California Art History

with an emphasis on representational art


(above: George Samerjan, Lettuce Workers, Calexico, CA Post Office, 1942, tempera. Treasury Department Section of Painting and Sculpture)


Texts contained in Resource Library by named authors listed by author name in alphabetical order:


Dream and Perspective: American Scene Painting in Southern California by Susan M. Anderson

Modern Spirit: The Group of Eight & Los Angeles Art of the 1920s by Susan M. Anderson

Regionalism: The California View by Susan M. Anderson

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53 by Julia Armstrong-Totten, Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick, and Will South

A Society for Six by Sarah Beserra

The Metamorphosis of California Landscape Art by Rexford E. Brandt

"In Love with Painting": The Life and Art of Clarence Hinkle by Janet Blake

The California Water Color Society: Genesis of an American Style by Janet Blake Dominik

The Arts in Santa Barbara by Janet Blake Dominik

Ranchos: The Oak Group Paints the Santa Barbara Countryside by Ellen Easton

Jennie V. Cannon: The Untold History of the Carmel and Berkeley Art Colonies, vol. one, East Bay Heritage Project, Oakland, 2012 by Robert W. Edwards

Speculative Terrain - Recent Views of the Southern California Landscape from San Diego to Santa Barbara by Gordon L. Fuglie

The Land of Sunshine by William H. Gerdts

Bicoastal Artists of the 1870s by Ann Harlow

California Watercolor Painters in Context by Donelson Hoopes

Early California Art by Sandy Hunter

Twilight and Reverie: California Tonalist Painting 1890-1930 by Harvey L. Jones

Landscape Painters of Northern California 1870-1930 by Harvey L. Jones

Hard-Boiled Wonderland by Julie Joyce

The Carmel Monterey Peninsula Art Colony: A History by Barbara J. Klein

Painting World War II: The California Style Watercolor Artists by Glen Knowles

Artists of Invention: a Century of California College of the Arts by Philip E. Linhares

Introduction to Art at Scripps: The Early Years by Mary MacNaughton

The San Francisco Art Association by Betty Hoag McGlynn

The Santa Cruz Art League by Betty Hoag McGlynn

The Carmel Art Association by Betty Hoag McGlynn

Mission San Juan Capistrano: An Artistic Legacy by Gerald J. Miller

California Art at the Oakland Museum by Paul Chadbourne Mills

Loners, Mavericks & Dreamers: Art in Los Angeles Before 1900 by Nancy Moure

Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and the Eucalyptus School in Southern California by Nancy Moure

75 Works, 75 Years, Collecting the Art of California: The Years 1918 - 1955; exhibition description by Nancy Moure

California, Seen: Landscapes of a Changing California, 1930-1970 by Ronald C. Nelson

The California Missions in Art - 1786 to 1890 by Norman Neuerburg

San Diego Beginnings by Martin E. Petersen

You See: The Early Years of the UC Davis Studio Art Faculty by Renny Pritikin

California Landscapes by Sue Ann Robinson

Keeping the Faith: Painting in Santa Catalina 1935-1985 by Roy C. Rose

Monterey: The Artist's View, 1925 - 1945 by Kent Seavey

In and Out of California: Travels of American Impressionists by Deborah Epstein Solon

What Made Laguna Beach Special,by Deborah Epstein Solon

In and Out of California: The Participatory Nature of Early California Art by Will South

California Style: 1930s and 1940s by David Stary-Sheets

Art in California: 1880 to 1930 by Jean Stern

The California Missions in Art: 1890 to 1930 by Jean Stern

Artists in Santa Catalina Island Before 1945 by Jean Stern

The Development of Southern California Impressionism by Jean Stern

Masters of Light by Jean Stern

Impressionist Style in Perspective by Jean Stern

Landscape Painting in California by Jean Stern

"The Outsiders" -- Modernism in California, 1920-1940 by Jean Stern

The Society of Six by Terry St. John

Continuity and Change: Southern California's Evolving Landscape by Sarah Vure

The Development of an Art Community in the Los Angeles Areaby Ruth Westphal

The Northern Scene by Raymond L. Wilson

Towards Impressionism in Northern California by Raymond L. Wilson

A Seed of Modernism: The Art Students League of Los Angeles, 1906-53 by Marian Yoshiki-Kovinick and Julia Armstrong-Totten

The Historic Landscapes of Malibu by Michael Zakian



(above: Thomas Hill, Great Canyon of the Sierra, Yosemite, 1872. Crocker Art Museum)



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