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2015 Follow Up letter



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RE: Topics in American Art Catalogue


Dear Colleagues,

Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) recently completed the 2015-2016 edition of Topics in American Art, Nearly 1,000 new references were added to the catalogue. Annually, hundreds of thousands of scholars, teachers, students, librarians, curators, docents and other individuals use its contents towards furthering understanding of, and education in, American art. As is the case with all TFAO services, access is without charge.

Should you wish to recommend further reference materials, those who use Topics will appreciate your gesture.

Best regards,


Education Outreach

Traditional Fine Arts Organization

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1. Finding names

This follow up letter will be sent upon completion of all phases or the institutional outreach project.


2. Distribution

The letter will be sent in batches to groups of email addressees collected during the project. The primary addressee (To:) will be and all other addressees will be sent blind copies (Bcc).

Subsequent outreach audience


Subsequent to correspondence with museum staff, TFAO plans outreach with college art history faculty. Research is being done to acquire an existing mailing list or assemble one. A focused list will contain email addresses limited to faculty teaching American art history.

The keyword string: "American art history faculty email" may be more direct than going to website portals, but keeping track of colleges so repeats are avoided during search interruptions requires cataloging effort. Substituting a state name as the first keyword does not appear to limit the search results to colleges in a particular state.

A Google search for "best art history departments" yielded the URL with 410 colleges ranked that offer art history degrees. Using a ranking approach might direct letters to professors most likely to use TFAO resources. With this approach, college names need to be recorded to prevent duplication. Clicking on links does not yield department home pages for target colleges.

The URL produces a lengthy list of graduate programs in art history. Sorting by state is ineffective. Screen for United States Art History. Clicking on links does not yield department home pages for target colleges.

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