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American Art Online Audio is an online catalogue published by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) since 2003. Content focuses on representational art.

From time to time, TFAO audits this catalogue. TFAO's audit of the link to a content page on a source's site, other than TFAO or Resource Library, may reveal that the link is broken. If broken, TFAO keeps the title of the prior content page and eliminates the link. A note is placed after the content title such as: [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

TFAO may attempt to find the content with a broken link at another location on the source's site. This is done by using the advanced search feature on search engines such as Google, enabling searches for exact wording or phrases in a site. If the attempt is not successful, TFAO makes a note of the failed search. A note is placed after the content title such as: (A 2015 advanced search failed to locate content on source's site)

TFAO believes that retention of the title of content that existed on a page with the broken link is important. The content may be:

As of June, 2015, the American Art Online Audio 2015-2016 edition has been audited through the letter __



This catalogue is 100% maintained by volunteers. They provide new content on a continuous basis with the intent of maintaining the most complete catalog of online videos within its category. Qualified volunteers are welcome to contribute suggestions for additional catalogue development. TFAO also welcomes other volunteers to further the broadening of knowledge of American representational art. To learn more about other volunteer opportunities please click here.

TFAO is pleased to give credit to volunteers for their time devoted to research.. TFAO provides credits on each page where information is added. If you have a website, TFAO would be pleased to provide a link to it in your credit line.

For more information on volunteering please send an email to:


TFAO catalogues:

Individual pages in each catalogue are continuously amended as TFAO adds content, corrects errors and reorganizes sections for improved readability. Refreshing or reloading pages enables readers to view the latest updates.


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