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American Art Online Audio is an online catalogue published by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) since 2003. Audio materials focus on representational art.

Audio materials are cross-referenced in TFAO's catalogue Topics in American Art, which contains links to thousands of Resource Library articles and essays by topic. Each topic also contains links to other online texts from museums and other sources, online video and audio recordings, plus references to topical videos in DVD and VHS format, paper-printed books and articles.

The Online Audio catalogue was developed when podcasts and mp3 players became popular. TFAO had twin goals in developing the catalogue. The first was to provide a guide to content for use by TFAO publics. The second was to provide reference materials for museums considering this form of media. Recently, audio has largely been supplanted by video as download bandwidth has increased and video streaming technology has improved.

Contents are valuable to educators designing course content, scholars, students and librarians conducting research, plus art lovers everywhere seeking greater understanding of American art. Enjoy!



Finding audio materials

To find audio materials, browse by source name:

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Conduct keyword searches within Resource Library and TFAO's website using the advanced search feature of these search engines:

After entering keywords, such as an artist name plus "audio," enter or as the domain to be searched. Also see Indexes and information retrieval for more information.


Individual pages are amended as TFAO adds content and reorganizes sections for improved readability. Refreshing pages enables viewers to access the latest updates. While the design of some pages in the catalogue may change periodically as new ways are found to better present contents to the public, links to them are never broken.


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