Options for Art Exhibit Programs by Religious Institutions

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Themes for exhibits

Following are themes for exhibits of sculpture, mixed media, paintings and works on paper, sources of artists and art, organization options and a presentation idea for exhibits in smaller spaces.

Themes, which may be separate or combined, include:

Architectural art including imagery of exteriors, interiors and grounds of place of worship
Figurative art including images of the Lord, saints, specific and generalized deceased and living clergy and laymen. These images may depict persons preforming sacramental acts, performing other acts called for in Holy Scripture, and liturgical activities
Symbolic art including interpretations of ancient symbols of faith
Still life art including depictions of objects related to ministry such as sacred documents, alters, tabernacles and vestments

sources of art:

living artists
estates of artists
commercial galleries
private collectors
museums, churches and cultural centers

sources of living artists:

Students of K-12 schools and universities (denominational institutions or inclusive of other faith organizations)
Studio art teachers from the above schools and universities
Professional artist organization group shows from organizations such as Oil Painters of America and the American Watercolor society
Single artist retrospectives

exhibit organization options:

Organization by the religious sponsor
Exhibits organized by other non-profit venues or entities such as specialized art exhibit touring firms, artist organizations or commercial galleries


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