Options for Art Exhibit Programs by Religious Institutions

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Exhibits in smaller galleries

In recent years several church organizations have established exhibition galleries in buildings owned by them. These galleries may be within neighborhood facilities or in complexes serving a larger region. Examples of galleries that provide special exhibitions throughout the year include:

Cathedral House Gallery, located at the Bishop Jones Center in San Antonio, TX. The gallery is provided by the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. The website for the gallery says that it "showcases the excellent work of Christian artists and photographers in our diocese and region."
ClearStory Gallery, located within Life Center Foursquare Church in Spokane, WA.
Fine Arts Council of the Catholic Diocese of Austin, in Austin, TX, which provides an art gallery located within the chancery office complex of a a Roman Catholic diocese. The Council's website says "The mission of the Religious Fine Arts Council is to act as a catalyst and lead a renaissance in visual religious fine art with a focus on the Judeo-Christian faith."
Gallery 1055, located within the Diocesan House of the Episcopal Diocese of California in San Francisco, CA. The gallery hosts temporary art exhibitions featuring American artists.
Manresa Gallery, located within a church serving a Roman Catholic parish in San Francisco. The website for the gallery says that in its mission statement it "...juxtaposes traditional and contemporary art to highlight diverse expressions of faith. It provides a space for local and international artists to contemplate and expand spiritual practices through artistic expression and community dialogue."
Seeds Fine Art Exhibits, a ministry of St John's Lutheran Church in Orange, CA. Seeds organizes exhibits on Biblical art in a building which is part of the church campus.


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