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Audit and Volunteers

Maintenance of this catalogue is provided by volunteers. Individual pages are periodically amended as Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) corrects errors and reorganizes sections for improved readability.

As of 4/24/09 the catalogue was audited for broken links through:

TFAO's audit of the link to a content page on a source's site, other than TFAO or Resource Library, revealed whether the link was broken. If broken, TFAO usually kept information concerning the prior page's content, but eliminated the link. A note was placed after the content title such as: (Link expired as of 12/12/11 audit. Source site may contain this content via a revised URL)

Retention of information concerning content that existed on a former website page has value. The content may be:

In some instances TFAO attempted to find content with a broken link at another location on the source's site. This was done by using the advanced search feature on search engines, enabling searches for exact wording or phrases in a site. If the attempt was not successful, TFAO made a note of the failed search after the content title such as: (4/27/09 advanced search failed to locate content on source's site)

As of 4/27/09 advanced searches for replacement links were made through:

Also see metrics through 2005.

TFAO welcomes volunteers to further the broadening of knowledge of American representational art. To learn more about TFAO's many volunteer opportunities please click here. Viewers are welcome to contribute suggestions for additional content in this catalogue. Please see Catalogue and database management for details.

For more information on volunteering, or for questions about this catralogue, please send an email to:


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