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Initial research for the list was conducted in November, 2003. Inquiry letters were sent to 233 art dealers from the Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) database and 618 selected art librarians based on ARLIS membership. TFAO then conducted general searches using the Google and Teoma search engines, focusing on those digital libraries offering public access to texts. In November 2003 and October 2004, TFAO surveyed The Online Books Page of the University of Pennsylvania Library which listed over 20,000 free online books. Under the subjects category, 172 matches were found through the Library of Congress call number category "N:Fine Arts." Of the 172 matches, those concerning American representational art were included in this catalogue. Websites of approximately 650 museum and arts organizations listed as Resource Library sources in the Museums Index and the Academies, Associations, Ateliers and Societies Index were reviewed in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Additional research and posting activity continued intensively through 2006. After 2006, surveys designed specifically to locate online texts were discontinued. In following years, less attention was given to surveys because the volume of qualifying online texts began to rapidly accelerate, causing the goal of proving a comprehensive catalogue to become increasingly difficult. Numerous museums began to archive online exhibition press releases and substantive texts describing past exhibitions. Some museums started publishing online whole gallery guides, brochures and catalogues. Also, the goal of providing to institutions models for presentation was becoming less relevant. After 2006, links continued to be added on an occasional basis as a by-product of TFAO and Resource Library activities.

In 2011 TFAO decided to substantially reduce seeking new content for this catalogue for two reasons. First, TFAO's Resource Library had published a large volume of articles and essays concerning numerous Distinguished Artists and American Representational Art topics. Second, the Web had amassed a substantial amount of literature published by thousands of sources. By 2013 Online Articles, Books and Essays devoted to American Representational Art had become largely dormant.


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