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Resource Library is an online publication devoted to American representational art. The publication includes aspects of both a popular publication and a scholarly journal and maintains a balance between both emphases. Resource Library is published as a complimentary public service without a subscription fee by its nonprofit owner and publisher Traditional Fine Arts Organization. Resource Library's content time line spans the Colonial period to the present and covers significant artistic achievement in every state of the Union, while building an interconnected body of knowledge including, but not limited to, the relationships of American artists to their teachers in European and American art centers, schools and ateliers. The publication provides a comprehensive record of American museum exhibitions and evolving cultural emphases within its field on interest. To learn more about Resource Library, please see the Overview.

To search Resource Library contents and also the full TFAO website, please click here. Complete texts within Resource Library are also fully indexable and searchable by Google and other search engines. Readers using search engines directly access the content in any Resource Library page without going through a "portal" page.

During the fourth quarter of 2004, TFAO conducted keyword searches to find selected author names that were referenced in Resource Library articles and essays published from 1997 to the time of the searches. TFAO limited the searches to names of authors who wrote articles in American Art Review Volumes V through X. In instances where authors were referenced in articles and essays published in Resource Library -- and no texts by those authors were published in Resource Library as of the fourth quarter of 2004 -- there are posted in this Author Study and Index links to the Resource Library articles containing references to the authors.

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